it's okay to make mistakes

sel january 16 2015

Hi Sarah - here are some things I gathered for you. take a boo!

A classroom pledge:

I am somebody. The me I see is the me I'll be. I can be respectful, responsible and resourceful. I can succeed. I am in school to learn. I will follow the directions of my teachers. I will not say unkind things to others. I will report problems to the teachers.

I will try my very best. I am in school to learn. We raise our hands to speak.

We work quietly at our seats. We use voices soft and sweet. We keeps our places tidy and neat. We are helpful, friendly, and fair. We take turns and willingly share.

I make mistakes so I can learn. I learn so I can succeed. I succeed so I can help others. I pledge to show my respect by listening to others, using my hands for helping,

caring about others feelings, and being responsible for what I say and do.

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