End to an AMAZING YEAR....

and the start to an even better one in 2016!!!!!

WOW! What a YEAR! and So Much to Look Forward To!

Oh my gosh girls this team had an AMAZING YEAR!!! You all WORKED and ROCKED your business like I never dreamed I would see--I am still trying to wrap my head around it! It blows my mind to think about what you all have done and what this team has done! WOW!!! As a team together we sold over $140,000 in November!!! That's over $100,000 more than this team sold a year ago--and it's all because of YOU!!!

And guess what??? This TEAM--This COMPANY--this BUSINESS and BUSINESS MODEL is only GROWING AND GROWING and becoming more popular and well known and that means 2016 is going to BLOW 2015 OUT OF THE WATER! Hard to believe huh??

We have so many NEW LEADERS ON THIS TEAM! A new DIRECTOR and ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR (NEVER HAPPENED ON THIS TEAM BEFORE!!! SO EXCITING!!) and NEW STAR STYLISTS who are carving their own path to leadership with Stella and Dot!

So many EMERGING LEADERS ON THIS TEAM! So many of those STARS are reaching for Associate Director and Director in this new year and so many others reaching for the sweet spot of STAR where you are an official recognized leader and well your pay goes UP---WAY UP!! And I am going to have and go over a PLAN WITH EACH OF YOU WHO HAVE THOSE GOALS AND WE ARE GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN LADIES! This is the year--because if you don't do it SOMEONE ELSE OUT THERE WILL AND I WANT IT TO BE YOU!! NOT SOMEONE ELSE! RIGHT?? RIGHT!


I know i have said it before but I will say it again....

Girls I know I have said this a million times this month but I have to say it again because it is SO TRUE AND SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!! NOW IS THE TIME TO SPONSOR!!! You may think because it is winter, and a new year that it is slow--and while your trunk show schedule may not be as full=YOUR SPONSORING SCHEDULE SHOULD BE OFF THE CHARTS!!! It's a new year--new adventures--new leaps--new schedules--new dreams--new thoughts--new EVERYTHING!! That means NEW OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM AND YOU!

No one feels more inspired,powerful, passionate about making a change, revived or alive than in a NEW YEAR! They feel more than any other time of the year that THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT! And lots of time its to make their lives better--and that's where Stella and Dot comes in! Hasn't it made your life better??? Its not even a question for me and my family--its AMAZING what it has done for me and my family---I cannot even begin to talk about what it has done for me---and i want to SHARE THAT WITH SOMEONE ELSE AND SEE IT HAPPEN FOR SOMEONE ELSE! And now is the time to do that!

MAKE IT A GOAL TO REACH OUT TO 20 in JAN TO SPONSOR!!! ( I have a feeling a Sponsoring Special will be out in Jan or Feb) and Sponsor more than you ever have in a month---more than you ever thought you could---more than you are COMFORTABLE WITH!!! Make it scare you---set a SPONSORING GOAL THAT SOUNDS CRAZY! I know I am!

SHARE SHARE SHARE and see amazing things happen!!!!!!
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I have to tell ALL OF YOU how amazing these ladies are!!!! NOVEMBER was an amazing month for this team and WOW am I proud!



DIRECTOR--Lori Gowdy


Kelly Quelette
Barbara Barrett
Amy Clark
Kimberly Gleason
Cecille Skeens


Mandy Gallentine

Lori Gowdy--$10,979
Kimberly Gleason--$10,707
Shae Borgert--$8864
Kelli Delsorbo--$6826
Barbara Barrett--$5094
Carla Stowers--$4834
Kristen Laster--$4707
Joanna Gehrke--$4309

Who's ready for an EPIC 2016?

I am so so so ready for an epic 2016! And ready to get started!!! Who is with me??? JAN 4th we are JUMPING ALL IN AND GETTING YOU ALL PROMOTED AND CLOSER TO YOUR JOYOUS AND HAPPY LIFE!!! I love you all!!!