Dealing With Stress at School

Ways you can deal with stress easily and effectively

What is Stress

Stress is the human response to pressure when faced with challenging situations. Experiencing stress is part of being living and some stress helps our alertness and energy levels to meet the challenging situations. If stress lasts a long period of time or compromise your ability to cope, it can have a negative affect on your health, wellbeing, relationships, work and general aspects of life. Stress doesn’t have to control our lives, you can improve your knowledge about stress and increase your resources to become more resilient against stress. Here are some tips about how to know when your are stressed what to look for and how to help yourself get help.

Signs of Stress

Stress can be helpful when it increases our ability to be alert, energised, switched on and resourceful in facing challenges, etc. We all have to deal with it at some point in our live , some more than others. But stress becomes unhelpful when it leaves us feeling fatigued, tense, anxious or overwhelmed. The fine line for it to be helpful and unhelpful stress is different for each of us and can also depend on what’s happening in our lives.

Coping With Stress

Every person deals within stress in different ways and finding a way that works for you will help when you find yourself feeling stressed out and

  • Be aware – Monitor your levels of stress and ask whether they are helpful or getting you down.
  • Think positively – Think about things in your life or pressures you place on yourself that may be increasing your stress.
  • Take charge – Deal with unhelpful sources of stress before they build up and become a bigger problem.
  • Make choices – Look at areas in your life where you could manage your situation better or change the way you respond.
  • Learn about some good ways to deal with stress. For example:
    • – Talk to someone you trust, call a friend, or a service that is specially allocated to stress management
    • – Have a health check with your GP
    • – Exercise
    • – Eat a healthy, balanced diet
    • – Make time for things you enjoy

Support for Stress

There are many sites and organisations dedicated to helping those in need of stress relief eg. Lifeline, ADAA (Anti Depression Association of Australia) and many more. Youtube is also very useful- coping with stress at school, what is stress, what can i do to keep stress controlled, etc.