My Utopian Village

By Claire Gibbons

Why You Should Come To Gibbonsvania

When you envision a perfect Utopian town what comes into your head. Probably something like Gibbonsvania. As you step foot into the Utopian town of Gibbonsvania you've stepped foot into paradise. Gibbonsvania is guaranteed to surpass your expectations of perfection. From groundbreaking technology to weather customization, Gibbonsvania has it all. Not only is this city an ideal place to live and visit but we are also an incredibly wealthy country from all the innovations that we've develop here. After all, it's not nicknamed "the world's most perfect city" for anything. Read through this flyer to discover why this city is just so great!

Town Highlights:


A major aspect of Gibbonsvania is the advanced technology and science that we have developed. Some of this technology includes shoes that you wear that make you run so fast that you turn into a blur. If you look closely in the background picture of this flyer you can see some people utilizing these shoes. They are silent and you can buy the shoes in many different sizes, colors, and styles. We also have high-quality holograms and glasses that you wear that project what you imagine from your brain into a holograph which you can view while wearing the glasses. These two inventions aren't even close to all that we have here and we just keep improving by the day! Innovation is an important virtue to this utopia.


Located in the coordinates 4 degrees 54' 56.9988" S by 178 degrees 46' 10.3116" E, Gibbonsvania is in the middle of an ocean. It is the only place in the world that is a city, country and a continent all at the same time! In result of the weather dome that we highlighted earlier on this flyer, the climate isn't affected by the location on the globe like most places is. It is truly a spectacular place.

The Founding of Gibbonsvania

Saturday, Feb. 2nd 2222 at 2am


Gibbonsvania was founded on February 2, 2222, at 2 in the morning. As you probably have observed, the date consisted only of twos. This date was specifically chosen for the founding of a utopian city because the founder's favorite number was two. Even the date that this town was founded was perfect.

In conclusion...

As this flyer has helped to explain, Gibbonsvania has got it all. It is an amazing utopia to be a part of so what are you waiting for, pack your bags and head on over here!