!Tangerine News!

Keep reading for the latest update! BY: BREELYNN WILSON

What's New?

  • Smoke coming out of the ground
  • the fishers moving into the neighborhood
  • Paul fisher made the soccer team
  • lighting strikes at the same time
  • sadly an upsetting news Mike Costello was struck with lighting 3 times
  • Paul fisher is attending Lake Windsor Middle School
  • Paul has to have teachers walk around at school with him
  • Erik's Dad is already looking for collages for him
  • Paul got KICKED of the soccer team
  • Paul has been upset about not being in a great relationship with his father

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update: Paul Fisher vs. Erik Fisher

Paul and Erik are very different, but they do have some stuff in common. One common thing is that Erik and Paul both play sports. Paul eye sight is very dreadful and Erik's have flawless eye sight. Erik gets more attention from his father Paul not so much with him his mother usually gives him attention. Paul has a diary or journal and Erik doesn't have one. These are just some but there are more that can go around. Keep reading Tangerine News to figure out more!

Tragedy Strikes:

Sadly Mike Costello was struck with lighting 3 times!

The event that happened was when he was leaning on a pole. The pole was struck with lighting that caused him to be shocked and he past away from the intense shock. Many people where disappointed because of his death. Many people thank that is was a accident what do you think? What's going on in the neighborhood Lake Windsor ?

Teen issues:

Paul suffers with bully's, him and his Father have a bad relationship with each other ( they don't communicate at all)

Paul's brother Erik is always getting attention from his father. Paul gets barely nay so his mother is the only the one that really pays attention to him.

Paul is always made fun of from Erik and his friends (Erik's) they call him Eclipse Boy because he stared at an eclipse that cause his eye sight to go faulty. THESE ARE JUST SOME THINGS THAT HE SUFFERS FROM.

Advertisement for soccer tryouts:

You must bring:
  • soccer ball
  • water
  • gym clothes/ athletic ware
  • Tennis shoes
  • money for snacks and drinks (that you will be able to purchase at the condescension stands located near the bathrooms)
  • bring a hat or some thing for shade
  • make sure you have some one to pick you up after tryouts
  • lastly, make sure you have a permission slip in order to try out.