Summer at the Fantastic Flordia!

Orlando & Sanibel

Life Science in Flordia

My pictures represent life science because I saw many different wild life while I was in Florida. I like life science because you get to observe another living species. My favorite thing to watching were the alligators because I have never seen one out in nature before.

Alligator Walkway

When I was in Florida, my family and I went to a boardwalk where you walk through the swamps of Florida. That meant an alligator could have just swam right next to us! I was a little freaked out by that but I still did it. After a bit of walking we reached a little dock that jutted out into gator lake. Then we saw it... an adult alligator! It was out in the middle of the lake sitting on a dock. It was so cool! it was so still you might have mistaken it as a log is it wasn't so big. Then we continued walking and when we circled around again it was gone! Seeing that alligator was definitely one of the best parts of my trip to Florida!

Me, Myself, and I

I am not a very talkative girl. I'm very quiet. If I know the answer to something I will raise my hand but I don't like reading aloud. Though, I'm also sometimes crazy. When school gets out or its recess I don't stop moving, I bounce off the walls! But that's not every day! Lastly, I'm hardworking. I don't give up very easily. If I can't figure out a math problem I will ask for help with it but then do other problems like that one untill I learn how to do it.