"Hand Me Overs" ~ Free Item posts


"GIVE TO GET PAGE" ~ Free Item posts Women's non-charity CO-OP page.

HMO is a Mom's CO-OP community page. MID-SUFFOLK COUNTY NEW YORK areas. (Upon requesting Entry: MUST Reply to your "OTHER INBOX" PM msg. w/ Town)
*From Farmingdale to Ridge, North Port to Islip (and all towns in between welcome)

Purpose of this group:
A "GIVE TO GET PAGE". Group’s purpose is to connect Women with items
for "Free" from Suffolk county NY only. Ones' clutter is anothers Treasure.
~ Post PICTURE of ANYTHING in clean working order.
~ THEN browse to find your Treasure. GIVING without taking is okay too.
~ POST as often/much as you want, but try at least one a month.
We work together to make magic happen daily.

Please Read rules pinned to top of Web page. Please No Sales, Ads, or begging.