Marisa, Eduardo, and Denisse

History of the Protest

  • The Libya revolution began On February 15 2011. It began as a civil protest and later on evolved into a widespread uprising.
  • They protested against Gadhafi because they want him out so they can build a democratic society. They are against Gadhafis bombings and are tired of seen him kill millions of innocent people.
  • The government (Gadhafi) responded by saying that "anyone that doesn't love him, does not deserve to live."
  • The result of libyas revolution was Freedom, their first steps toward a democracy, forming of civil society, the feeling of faith in the future, and over all Libyan society became closer.


  • There's still controversy among lybia since Moammar Qaddafi was killed and there's an unfair ruling with the congress

  • The general national congress

  • The next elections will be on February 20 2014

  • Building a new nation

The International community

  • Yes, the international organization NATO has been involved with Libya. When government figures would try and retreat to the outskirts of Benghazi the NATO planes would bomb them.
  • the role of United States in this revolution was helping Benghazi fight against there government. And to gain their freedom and become mor free
  • yes we would call it a revolution because Benghazi is standing up and revolting against there government.