November Newsletter 2021

Career Center Campus

Safari Adventures!!!

A little office fun Halloween Celebration. What a great turn out from all the participation of staff and students that make the fun happenings here at Career Center a huge Success!
Congratulations to everyone and a big thank you to all the students and staff that made this celebration one to remember!

Upcoming Happenings..

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Congratulations to all outstanding Students of the Month for October!

Message From The Principal

We have lots more "be" happening on the Career Center Campus as we continue to grow from within to meet the needs of our students and community. We all can be proud of what we are doing and why we do it, as it is a renewable resource (positive energy) that will carry us through tough times. Look below at each and every one of our programs here at Career Center that are reaching out and excelling with engagement of our students, staff and community! Its what it is all about building those strong relationships!

Horticulture Program

YAY YAY YAY!!!! After two long years and specialized training for both staff and students we are BACK IN BUSINESS! The floral shop is now open five days a week. We are offering beautiful live flower arrangements, house plants, live plants, herbs and handmade décor for your every season. Come check us out at 2935 North Avenue Monday thru Friday Hours 8:30-11:30 and they break for lunch and return 1:30-2:30. Thank you to the new teacher Wes Pidcock and his assistant Sierra Goodwin for all the hard work. The making of the arrangements, growing of the plants to running of the business is all done by our professional students here at Career Center. Follow us and check us out on Facebook for products and updates. Push button below to find out more!

AIM: 1 Academics- New I-CEV curriculum

AIM: 2 Student Engagement and Belonging

Compact Engines Program

Big praise "B-Rod" for all the heavy lifting as the CE program now has two state recognized stackable credentials- Briggs & Stratton MST (master service trephination) and Snap-On Multimeter. We are also working on a proposal to take the D51 Racing TEAM to Road of America in Wisconsin during spring. Again, another professional educator who understands the importance of going to the "top of the mountain" and aligning from a nationally recognized industry partner. Way to keep with the CC vision alive by going with the Big Dogs!

Aim 1: Academics-Snap-On Curriculum

Aim:2 Student Engagement and Belonging

Congratulations to are first two students to receive their Certification!

Bradee Kuhns Joseph Morgan

Construction Technology Program

Embedding of additional hands- our level 1 & 2 program is working on high interest student projects were they learn the fine detail of woodworking and the implantation of safety and tool use along with focused math lessons NCRC WorkKeys . The students are super excited about "Beginning Welding (NCCER based) as the Construction Program grows the students learn skills that will last them a lifetime. Our level 3 students are all hands on as Work based learning as they continue the house project. This will be house number 15 that students here at CC have completed. Want to see "old school" skill sets embedded with "new school" technology? You have to see the house to truly appreciate how much hard work goes into it and the skills the students receive that will set them first in line for a career in the building industry! A Rockstar house for sure!

Aim 1: Academics- NCCER/OSHA10 Curriculum

Aim 2: Student Engagement and Belonging

Have the Construction Technology build your next project

Companion Animal Care Program

"Who let the dogs out?" WOOF WOOF! Our new teacher Ms. Alex Reid and her assistant Ms.Cecicly have the crew rolling. The new I-CEV curriculum is in the hands of level 1 & 2 students. An excellent prep for the CVA. The room is full of furry friends and students learning side by side. Tuesday and Thursdays are our grooming days-practice and performance mastery of skill sets. Every furry friend that comes here is loved by many and always look their best and feeling their best when they leave here! Our performance mastery days are aligned to meet 200 hours of the required 500 documented work-based learning (WBL) experience hours needed for the CVA. Nice work students! Growing the program from within-while preparing our students for transition to WC3 and workforce. Students earn hands on skill along with social engagement with the community that will lead them to a career path to animal care. Like always we always appreciate the communities support of our programs you truly are making a difference in our young peoples lives!

Aim 1: Academics- New I-CEV Curriculum

Aim 2: Student Engagement and Belonging

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Health Science Program

Big Celebration- as part of program assurances the CTSO is hosting a COVID vaccination clinic partnership with WCAHEC- truly a community-base project worthy of exemplar status. And how about the certification of 50 plus personal care providers students- off the charts! Good things are happening.....keep up the GREAT work.

Aim 1: Academics-Community Resources and Transitional Services

Aim: 2 Student Engagement and Belonging.

Vaccintation Clinic

Saturday, Nov. 13th, 9am

2935 North Avenue

Grand Junction, CO

Stop by for a free vaccination-no appointment needed 9:00am-2:00pm. Register on site when you arrive and bring I.D. ( you can also register before arriving with link Minors will have to have a consent form filled out. Consent will be emailed to you when you register. If you have any questions, please contact WCAHEC at (970) 434-5474. Second booster will be given 12/04/2021 from 9:00-2:00pm

Early Childcare Program

The fruits of 36 months of heavy lifting was witnessed this week. CC ECP is aligned to WC3 programming and networked with the Mesa County Workforce Center. Now our students can travel down a "seamless" pathway with numerous resources to help pursue their dreams in child education. The following students are busy working on their "Pyramid" training every Wednesday evening. Thanks for going above and beyond in furthering your skills. Congratulations to Dakalya Schutz, Jesse Ynojos, Kenzie Morton, and Veronica Bennett your dedication will get you far! The program would also like to thank the parents who supported our CTSO's recent staff breakfast, coffee/cookie sale and those parents who have supplied snacks to our hungry students. We appreciate all those who have donated to our program. Thanks for supporting us we couldn't do this without help of our students families!

Aim 1: Academics- Community Resources and Transitional Services

Aim 2: Student Engagement and Belonging

Culinary Arts Program

The Fresh Side Café has been "Wall to Wall" with customers for the past three weeks. Congratulations to Chef Horn for weathering the Covid storm and adjusting through industry expectations.. keeping our students in the game. And... a big "Say What" for the continued step by step professional development that has lead to our next steps of becoming the only certified American Culinary Federation high school program, in the state of Colorado! Chef horn a professional educator who understands the importance of going to the top of the mountain and aligning standards from a Nationally recognized industry partner. Way to keep the CC vision alive and thriving! Also we wanted to Thank the community again for supporting us and thank you to all for purchasing the best homemade pies!

Aim 1: Academics-I-CEV Curriculum and New American Culinary Federation Credentials

Aim 2: Student Engagement and Belonging

Thanks for Giving..........

Lastly 2021 is flying by and sometimes with the "busy" around us and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, its always a good time to sit back and reflect on the year. There is beauty in everything if we are willing to look for it, positivity in every negative, and kindness in every heart. We want to wish a Happy Turkey Day and enjoy the moments with your family and friends.

"The river never drinks its own water. The trees never taste its own fruit. The field never consumes its own harvest. They selflessly strive for the well-being of all around them.--Mewari proverb India."

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