C&CC March Newsletter

March 2022

Scholarship Interviews-How to Succeed

Will you be doing a scholarship interview? Have you prepared for putting your best self forward? Read here to learn about being successful in your interview.

Scholarship Searches for All Grades

If you are a hard working student who wants to get a jump on scholarship searches and applications, take a look at Going Merry Scholarships. It is a great resource for high school students of all ages.

Lots of Scholarships to do!

MHCC Foundation Scholarship (worth $5300): due March 31

PCC Future Connect Scholarship due March 1

Ford Family Foundation: value: up to $40,000 per year -due March 1

OSAC Scholarship: due March 1

Jiffy Lube What Drives You due March 14 (for all grades)

Greenfield Peace Essay due March 18

Oregon Community Foundation Scholarship due March 1

Louie Family Scholarship (Military family members) due March 15

Tateuchi Memorial Scholarship (students of Asian ancestry) due March 1

Clackamas County Bank Scholarship (business majors): value: $3000 due April 29

Gresham Rotary Scholarship for MHCC: value: $3000- due April 8

KPNW Healthcare Careers Scholarship due March 1

KMR Group Scholarship for MHCC or Clark CC: value: $3500 renewable- due April 8

PNACAC Scholarship due March 15

IUrban Scholarship due April 29: value $2000

Damascus/Deep Creek Schools Scholarship (Zimmerman) due April 22 $200

SBHS Local Scholarship List many upcoming scholarships listed here.

Oregon Goes to College Scholarship List another scholarship resource to consider.

Going Merry a scholarship search engine to help you find scholarships.

*Seniors, don't forget to report any scholarships offered to you. We will list your accepted scholarships in your graduation program. We also keep a total of your other offers.

Email: neuenschwander@gresham.k12.or.us or stop by the C&CC to let us know.

MHCC Foundation Scholarship due March 31 Value: $5300

Click above to access scholarship link

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The Dale Krueger Scholarship- Due April 1

This is the one everyone wants! 13 Barlow students will receive this scholarship valued at $2000 per year for 4 years. Apply now!

For help turning in a great application, refer to this worksheet.

Barlow grads can apply until turning 21 years old.

Jiffy Lube-What Drives You Scholarship-for all grades-Due March 14

Why do this scholarship? This is a great way to prepare a scholarship essay to use as a senior. What is it that you consider important? Do this scholarship and be ready for scholarship efforts in the future. All grades are able to apply.

CollegeBoard's Big Future

What does Big Future offer you?

Learn more about Big Future here.

PCC Foundation Scholarship Applications

Did you know that PCC has TWO opportunities to apply for their generous Foundation Scholarship? The first deadline to apply was February 1. If you missed that deadline, you can apply for the second round from May 1-May 15. Students who applied during the first round will have their application move into the second round automatically.

Apply for the PCC Foundation Scholarship here.

Clackamas CC Foundation Scholarship due April 14

Click above link to apply to the CCC scholarships.

College Spotlight #1

Mount Hood Community College-apply here.

(Seniors should wait until spring to apply for their fall courses.)

  • Learn more about what MHCC has to offer new students here.
  • MHCC offers trade apprenticeship courses. See more here.

When applying to MHCC, students must either take a placement test or have their transcript sent to be evaluated for course placement. To have this process started, please contact Mrs. Neuenschwander at neuenschwander@gresham.k12.or.us

MHCC Scholarships- application is due: March 31

College Spotlight #2

Western Oregon University-Monmouth, OR

Apply to WOU here.

Learn more about WOU here.

Interesting facts about WOU:

  • Western Oregon is an Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution, the only four-year, public university in Oregon to have achieved the designation.
  • Three well-known majors found at WOU are American Sign Language, Education and Criminal Justice.
  • Tuition is affordable at WOU.
  • WOU is a NCAA Division 2 school and can offer athletic scholarships. Athletics Dept.

Our Admissions Rep at WOU is Briana Navarete. Contact: navareteb@mail.wou.edu

Juniors-It's time to get to work!

Juniors, have you started your planning for college applications and financial aid? Now is the time to begin. There are two upcoming events you and your family should plan to attend.

Thursday, March 24 6-7pm: What You Need to Know About Financial Aid and Scholarships.

Thursday, April 21 6-7pm: Life after High School

Students in all grades are welcome to attend these events. The Classes of 2023, 2024 and 2025 are targeted.

Students: Do you want to receive helpful, brief text messages from ECMC (presenters of the above sessions) to keep informed of upcoming deadlines and tasks, join here.

Finding Funds

Attend webinars presented by the Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC). Learn more about scholarship opportunities and financial aid. All ages and families are welcome to join in.

Finding Funds webinars.

Oregon Promise Grant - Free Funds for Community College

Has your senior completed their Oregon Promise application?

Many students will have access to between $2000-$8000 (for free) to use at an Oregon Community College. Students have ONE opportunity to access these funds. The deadline to apply is June 1.

ALL seniors should apply for the Oregon Promise grant as it is a great back up plan in case other options are not feasible. To apply, students must complete the application, maintain a 2.5 GPA (possibly lower) and complete their FAFSA or ORSAA application.

Does your student need help getting this done? Let us know!

Questbridge Scholars Program for Juniors

Do you know any high school juniors who excel academically and come from low-income backgrounds?

QuestBridge partners with over 45 top colleges to prepare College Prep Scholars to gain admission and full four-year scholarships

Learn more here.

Its Time to Think About Summer Plans

  • Learn something new
  • Build your leadership skills
  • Explore careers
  • Have fun

How will you use your summer wisely?

Discover some program options and learn more here.
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NW Youth Career Expo

The annual Careers Expo is the Northwest’s premier career exploration experience. The career expo presents students with the region's amazing diversity of career opportunities, along with the skills and education needed for those jobs. The expo's goals are to connect employers to their future workforce and help students make informed, inspired decisions about their education after high school -- whether they choose a four-year university, community college, or apprenticeship training center.

Join us virtually on March 15th & 16th, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm by bringing your Chromebook to the College & Career Center along with a pair of headphones so you can listen to guest speakers and tour the booths. Students who would like to participate will be excused from classes they miss. We will provide support, information, and snacks! Sign-up here by March 4th to attend and get the link to participate.

Guest speakers agenda and exhibitors to be announced soon so you can plan your day.

MHCC / PCC / CCC - Placement for Fall Courses

MHCC Process:

If you plan is to attend MHCC in the fall, be sure to let us know. We will get you started.

Your first semester transcript will be sent to MHCC for review and automatic placement.

After receiving your placement from MHCC, students can test for higher placement, if they wish.

Sign up here for the test given at Barlow on Wed., May 4 at 2:30pm.

Let us know of your intention to attend MHCC.

We will get you started with the planning. Stop by or email us with your intent.



PCC Process:

Students headed to PCC should go here to see directions for course placement for the fall.

CCC Process

Students planning to attend CCC should go here to see directions for course placement.

The Pros and Cons of Community College

read more here...what will you decide is the right fit for you?

Students Practice Their Job Search Skills

In April, the second half of our sophomore students will practice their job search skills. They learn to look for, apply, write a resume, and hold an interview. We will have fully vaccinated volunteers come in person to hold a mock interview. this is a valuable practice for our students. If you are interested in volunteering contact LindaLee Frazier at frazier2@gresham.k12.or.us.

Construction Apprenticeships- "The Other Four Year Degree"

"Apprenticeship and workplace-based training are an “earn while you learn” system that offers young people the chance to learn from the best-trained construction workers in North America. When they complete their apprenticeship, they also have a portable, nationally recognized credential that they can take anywhere in the country, one that comes with good pay and benefits that will support them and their families. An additional important feature is that most apprenticeship programs have been assessed for college credit, which participants can apply toward an associate’s or bachelor’s degree" (Sean McGarvey, President of the North America's Building Trades Unions).

Learn more about local apprenticeships here-





Women in Construction

Join PWA and the ACE Mentor Program to learn more about getting started in the construction field and hear from women in the trade. Register here to hear this virtual career talk. March 9th, 4:30 to 5:30 pm.

Need some help?


Patty Neuenschwander-College Coordinator neuenschwander@gresham.k12.or.us

LindaLee Frazier-Career Coordinator frazier2@gresham.k12.or.us

Oregon Nepris Hold Virtual Engineering Week and Career Week

Oregon Nepris is holding two free virtual events-

Engineer Week - Feb. 28th- March 4th- Behind the scenes company tours, presentations from real-world engineers, and a keynote address on what the path toward a career in engineering looks like.

Oregon Career Fair- March 7th-11th-Register to attend various sessions, keynotes, in Agriculture/Natural Resources, Arts/Information/Communication, Business, Health Science, Human Resources, Industrial/Engineering.