William Sharespeare

By: Roni Graham

Biographical Background

William Shakespeare was allegedly born on April 23rd, 1564. He married Anne Hathaway, when he was only 18, herself 26. The couple had 3 children Susanna, Hamnet and Judith. 11 years later there son Hamner died on Augest 11th 1596. Throughout his career he helped establish "The Globe Theatre" located in London which later burned. The cause of the fire was from a raze don, they were used to mark down a kings entrance. Sadly Shakespeare died on April 26th, 1616. HIs legacy has been a body of work never equal to western civilization.

Life in Elizabethan England

Services and Occupations

Fletcher ~ He was the person who made and sold arrows,

Apothecary ~ Had made gave drugs to others.

Barber Surgeon ~ If any dental work was needed done

Nurse~ Took care of any children and infants that were sick.

Masters and Servants

- In Shakespeare day a female servant was a maid, the equivalent generic term for a male was a groom.

- the steward is the management skills required to coordinate a great house and it's staff

The City of London

a) The fleet ditch smelled disgusting enough to make a man throw up.

b) Street s slippery with slime of refuse.

c) Chamber pots emptied out windows

Plays of William Shakespeare

Themes of Plays

There were 3 different themes of plays that William wrote. History, tragedy, and comedy.

~History plays had a total of 10 written, one being named "King Henery IV Part 1.

~Tragedy plays had a total of 10 written, "Antony and Cleopatra" was a well known play.

Comedy plays had a large mass of 17 plays, one being called " Winters Tale"

The famous heart warming play about 2 young lovers who had fallen in loved at such a young age "Romeo and Juliet" was a tragedy play.

Sickness in Elizabethan England

In England there was a deathly sickness called the "Bubonic Plague", better known as the "Black Death". When a family member of the house was caught with the sickness the houses would be locked down and bolted from the out side. The Victims were not allowed to leave and nobody could enter. This action was tantamount to signing a death warren for the entire family. In order for the family to get any food they had to lower a basket from thr upper window for the watchmen to put food in it. This deathly virus was transmitted from fleas that lived on rodents and animals. A large loss was caused for England when the virus came into there town because the " Globe Theatre" was shut down.

Twelfth Night

My interpretations of Shakespeare play is he knows none of one kind by this man. He has no visuals about him or the slightest colors of his hair. Some characteristics that could reflect upon him he hates for many reasons. But what's inside is frail blood