Welcome to Fall Semester!

Reminders, Calendars, & More!

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back, TA&A Families!

We are so excited to kick off lessons next week! We know this is going to be the best semester yet!

This newsletter is jam-packed with important information about this upcoming semester including:

  • Studio Calendar
  • Lesson Room Adjustments
  • Policy & Procedure Reminders (don't sleep on this!)
  • Communication Details
  • Attendance Reminders
  • Winter & Spring Recital Dates
  • Office Hours & Contact Details

If you have any questions about any of these, don't hesitate to reach out to myself or Ms. Gaela!

Musically Yours,

Mrs. Iris

August 2021 - July 2022 Studio Calendar

Click the image on the left to access & bookmark the 2021-2022 Studio Calendar.
This calendar includes all Studio Breaks, Holidays, & Registration Dates.

Our Studio DOES NOT close for Labor Day, Columbus Day, MLK JR Day, Presidents' Day, or any PISD/CISD Teacher/Student workdays.
If you elect not to attend lessons on these days, please be sure to notify the Studio (or cancel in Student Portal) in advance to avoid lesson charges.

Covid Protocols & Safety Measures

  • Masks requested in Common Areas (Office Area & Hallways) for all parents & students.
  • The use of masks in class rooms will be at Teacher discretion.
  • All Students are Required to wash hands upon arrival, prior to going into lessons.
  • We will NOT have a waiting area this Fall due to the increased number of lessons and to keep the studio as germ free as possible. Parents are encouraged to wait in their cars or accompany their student into their lesson.
  • All students MUST be fever-free, cough-free, and otherwise healthy to attend lessons in person. We will send students home if they present any symptoms associated with illness and that lesson will be forfeited. This is for the health and protection of our staff, our teachers, and our families at large.
  • Online Lessons will be offered to ANY student who is too ill to come into the studio.

Lesson Room Changes!

Many of our Teachers will be in New Studios this Fall as we work to better contain the acoustics in our building and prep for the increased number of lessons happening on site.

Ms. Gaela and Mrs. Iris will be on site as well to help students find their rooms!

Communication Reminders

Studio Newsletters
Our main way of communication to our Families is through our Monthly Studio Newsletters. These newsletters containing important details on upcoming breaks, events, and programs are released on the 1st Monday of the month at 12 PM. Please make sure you review these!

Teacher-Student Communication

Teachers use the Student Portal to communicate with their students. This communication may include lesson reminders, lesson notes, absences, schedule adjustments, etc. You can reply back to these emails and it will be delivered to your teacher. We do NOT give out the personal emails of our teachers. Questions for your teacher can be emailed to info@texasampsandaxes.com with the Teacher's name in the subject line. You can also email them directly through the Student Portal using the Practice Log.

Absence Notifications

If you are planning to be out on a lesson day, please communicate this to the Office Staff not your teacher. Our Teachers rely on the office team to manage their schedules so that they can focus on what they love, teaching!
Pro-tip: Use the Student Portal to cancel from the Calendar.

Scheduling Questions
Questions pertaining to scheduling, should be emailed to Gaela, our Scheduling Director, at scheduling@texasampsandaxes.com.

Invoicing Questions
Questions pertaining to invoicing/billing, should be emailed to Iris, our Studio Director, at invoicing@texasampsandaxes.com.

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Saturday 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Attendance Policies

Same Day Cancellations

Any lesson cancelled the Day Of the lesson will be considered a Same Day Cancellation regardless of the circumstance and is billable to a student's account. Same Day Cancellations are NOT ELIGIBLE for a make up lesson.

Cancellations with Notice

Lessons cancelled in advance will be credited on the NEXT invoice or can be rescheduled based on teacher availability.

Recurring Absences
We will not hold a lesson time for more than 3 weeks. Any Student missing 3 lessons in a row will be removed from the schedule and their time forfeited to a Wait List Student.

Student Withdraws
We have a 2-week Withdrawal Notice Policy. Withdrawing Students will need to submit via email a 2-Week Notice. A Student is financially responsible for the lessons occurring in those 2 weeks.

Invoicing Reminders

Invoices are released on the 1st of each month for registered lessons occurring for that month. Example: September lessons will be invoiced and charged on September 1st.

A Card on File is REQUIRED for all accounts and will be used for Auto-Draft payments on the 1st of each month.

A $10 Late Fee will be added to any account NOT PAID IN FULL by the 10th of each month and your lesson time may be forfeited.

Summer Showcase: A Night at the Movies!

Summer went by too fast, too furious but here at Texas Amps & Axes, it's a wonderful life because all of our kids are almost famous. These incredible kids weren't home alone this summer, they were busy singing in the rain, taking a step up into lessons, finding some soul! I'm so proud of our kiddos and how they stayed out of la, la land to find that pitch perfect beat in their hearts!

Way to go, Students! Ya'll make it easy for us to face the music every day!

Click here to see videos from our Summer Showcase, A Night at the Movies!

How Many Movie Titles Did You Find? Email your students name, # of movie titles found, and a quick "Why you Love Your Teacher" to info@texasampsandaxes.com to be entered in a special drawing happening on Monday, August 16th at 6 pm on Facebook Live. Winner will receive a $50 Cinemark gift card from Texas Amps & Axes!

Winter & Spring Recitals

Registration for the Winter Recital will open on November 1st and for the Spring Recital on March 28th.

Full Details on each will be released in our monthly newsletters as we get closer to these show dates.

School of Music Management Team

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