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media literacy

media literacy is the thought of media through journalism and new or any type of media where there is either reading or listening to people speak because those things are a big part of being literate. being able to write is more credible to me because anyone can talk the talk but writing is not as easy when it comes to writing people can actually see what you know,

social media

social media

I wrote the social media paper on Black Lives Matter because that matter is very is important to me. It’s important because black Americans are being gunned down by the dozen. But little to none is being done about the issue. The police are shooting us and getting away with feels like their basically saying we own you. All we can do is make a peaceful protest and hope violence doesn’t break out from the police. The movement isn’t to say were better than any other race or even to start turmoil. All were saying is were here and you can’t kill us off like were some bugs. The racism we face is incredible. As a black male I get stares from everyone as if I wanted to shoot someone with my invisible pistol. I was walking through Publix one day over the summer and I got stares from almost everyone as if the saw the mistakes I made in the past. I was wearing some basketball shorts a loose t-shirt and some slides which was appropriate for the hot humid summer day. And I was getting some food and a soda but before I ever got in the store good I was being judged. I felt as if they were stereo typing me before I could even speak to even defend myself. There was actually a situation in the Mall of Georgia where I was called a derogatory phrase. I heard it before only from a friend whose family was racist. But the term dude called me was “moon cricket”. At first it took me by surprise because I only heard it once by said friend but when I realized what it was all I could do was laugh. It didn’t really offend me but I thought it was sad to see people in the same country which is supposed to be” land of the free and home f the brave” but the people who claim to be god fearing citizens are holding their fellow Americans down. I take this nation for a joke because they say” liberty and justice for all” but the people who were killed families don’t get either of those “rights”




Mountain dew kick start energy drink, super bowl commercial, 2016

A creature with the head of a puppy torso of a monkey and legs of a baby enters the room where three males are sitting after one states “I think I’m just going to stay in tonight” the creature then begins to repeat puppy monkey baby up until the 3 men drink the kick start then they begin dancing and walking out the room as the creature repeats puppy monkey baby over a beat.

The point of this ridiculous commercial is to mix all the successful commercials into 1 with a puppy monkey and a baby into one even though the outcome is weird and slightly startling it gets the point across and is still being talked about today 2 days after the big game.

The tone is humorous\silly it appeals to a younger crowd its saying if you’re too tired to go out and have fun drink this and you’re good to go

Mtn Dew Kickstart: Puppymonkeybaby | Super Bowl Spot

shay's rebellion

shay's rebellion happened in Massachusetts in the summer of 1786 to the winter of 1787. the rebellion started because the government was trying to take away farmers land for being late on payments the economy was down and the crops were going bad and the gov raised taxes. it was bad because the government was still under the articles of confederation and it proved that this government was not strong enough to stop any type of uprising. they came together because all the farmers was feeling the hard times. the government finally made the constitution and George Washington himself rode in with the army to end the rebellion. the people had enough of the government so they took matters into their own hands even though the didn't win they still made a statement.


Donald Trump falsely claims Hillary Clinton 'wants to abolish the 2nd Amendment'

By Linda Qiu on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 at 4:45 p.m.

Donald Trump accused of leader of the democratic party for saying that she wants abolish the 2 amendment abolished the second amendment is the right to bare arms but indeed this accusation was false in fact she tweeted about making the background checks stronger to prevent all this useless death. honestly i feel as if trump runs out of things to say so he says whatever comes to his mind as he rambles about Mexicans and or women with perfect body features.


This year has been a real struggle because I’m good at language arts but I’m a procrastinator so that’s what set me back this year. This honestly was one of the better language arts classes I’ve ever had. Because of the teachers honestly and the course itself was interesting. My views on media literacy have actually changed a slight bit because it takes more than reading and writing in order to have good media literacy you have to have the brain and education to do it correctly. My 7 year old nephew could write an essay but he doesn’t have the correct or advancement in education to do it correctly. I’ve learned from the teacher and the course that in college an academic paper is legit an academic paper. Something I will definitely take away from this course is the mental toughness to accept criticism whether from a teacher or peer not all criticism is meant to make you feel bad about your work but its to enhance it to the full potential. This class is different because I actually had to work in this class other classes I just wrote what I wrote and the teacher just took it as it was and id get around 80-95 not one teacher has demanded more from me and I thank you for make the class better maybe more class interaction and instead of you letting people choose to talk you choose on them and they have to speak maybe that could go for a quiz grade. This last exert wasn’t asked for but here it is Mrs. Hicks I would like to thank you for all the things you’ve done for me this semester. Such as demanding more than the bare minimum and always staying on my back about actually doing the work and not as you say the assignment so thank you I really appreciate you.

prince ea reflection

Instead of buying our youth phones and tablets before they turn the age of ten lets get it back to how it was when we were young your mother would tell you to get up and go do something instead of sitting on front of the tv or playing a video game. In my house hold I legit couldn’t watch tv all day she would actually lock me out the house. We can also reduce our own use of the devices and put them down and have some quality time with our families or friends and get off Netflix and actually go somewhere without looking at being social as a hassle. We can change our addictions by first don’t use your phone for 30 mins then the next day a hour then 2 hours then 3 all the way until we don’t use our phones the whole day or any type of electronic to communicate over social media. People can probably control themselves because they have before they got their first phone they were either outside or doing something productive rather than being on the phone 24/7. Maybe I can prevent myself from becoming a slave by not putting my life and everything I could possibly care about in my phone and maybe pic up a book or something of that sort. I could go outside with some friends like I use to as a child and we’d do this no phones challenge together