Kindergarten News

April 2014 • Clarksville Elementary

Upcoming Dates

April 4: Cougar Club Day (For March)- Extra Recess

April 8: Report Cards go home

April 14-21: Spring Break

April 22: Earth Day

April 24: Schools Closed for a professional development day

What's Happening in Kindergarten!

In our math classes, the students are going to be working on extending their addition and subtraction skills with numbers up to ten. Students will be applying their addition and subtraction skills to word problems. We will also be learning about place value and how to write numbers using tens and ones.

In language arts, students will be learning about punctuation, including when to use a period or a question mark. The students will be learning the letters Xx, Vv, Jj, and Yy. We will also work on long vowels and digraphs. We are continuing to work on improving our reading and writing skills.

This month, we will begin to learn about the parts of a plant and recycling.

Volunteering: We need you!

Please remember to sign up to volunteer in the classroom! We even have available spots to volunteer in Mrs. Trudden's Technology class. As the year goes on we have less and less volunteers, we really need you!

Also, remember to come in during your child's lunch and recess time!

The Kindergarten Team

Kendra Roberts, Team Leader -
Jan Armacost, Teacher -
Kelly Walker, Teacher -
Robin Fast, Para Professional -
Carole Knoblett, Para Professional -