Tech Tips from the Library

Helping Your Student Connect

Welcome back...soon!

As we prepare for more students to return to RSHS, there are a few tech tips that may ease the transition for your student.

Connecting Personal Devices/Computers to the School WiFi

Directions for Connecting

Here are directions to help your student connect to the school's wifi network. Your student will need to be at school for these directions to work so please share them with him or her. It might be easiest to have your student take a picture of the directions with a cell phone that he or she can easily refer to once at school, but a printout or notes would also work. Teachers will have a copy of the directions as well, and Mrs. Dyar is available to help with tech issues students and teachers can't resolve.

Important Reminders About Bringing Your Own Device to School

Please see the video linked below for information that will help you make a smooth transition to using your own device at school.

Getting Help for Tech Issues at Home

You may have had a few tech issues at home. If so, there is tech support available. Please call the school for help first. If we are unable to assist you, you can access the district's help desk. See the directions below for how to do so. You will need to fill out a form explaining your problem and provide a phone number and time you can be reached. After school, someone will call you to help resolve the issue.