Open House!

Tristyn's open house project

Earthquake PBL Project

In the earthquake PBL project we had to build a house that could withstand seismic activity. The materials we used for this project was 20 popsicle sticks, 10 straws, string, and a block of clay. We had to draw a rough draft, then we had to draw the final design we had in mind for the house. We had to build the actual house for Tony Stark, and it had to be in a low risk area of earthquakes. Our tapeam and I built tony stark's house in the calaveras in northern California.

30 Hands Project

The thirty hands project we did in science. We did it on an app called PicCollage. We had to write 9 slides to explain about climate change and global warming. One of the questions I remember was "what is global warming and what is it causing?" Global warming is not ggod for the planet. Global warming is causing ice to melt faster in the spring. Also, ice in the ocean or sea is melting so the sea level will rise.

Invention Convention

The invention convention is an invention/innovation that we are doing in science. My partner and I in science are creating an electric car with cardboard, cars, string, and tin foil. We put the cardboard on top of the tin foil, which is wrapped around the car. So when the sun touches the cardboard it will release heat. We are solving the problem of using gas which is bad for the atmosphere.

Extra credit Paragraph