The Rah Rah Girls

January 2016 Newsletter

Jan 20th Is Coming!

Jan 20th is a big day in the life of Thirty-One. It marks the very last day you can earn Ready Set Sell, it is the LAST day for new consultants to get the Fall/Winter consultant kit, it is the LAST day to purchase the Add-On kit and it is the last day you can register to attend a Better Together Field event near you! Consultants who sign up beginning Jan 21st will receive the new Spring/Summer consultant kit. Ladies, if you have not signed up for a local Better Together field event, get on it! This training that’s offered every other month is key to keeping the momentum going in your business. I have 4 spots left for the 10am meeting on Sat, Feb 20th and 11 spots remaining for the 2pm meeting that same day. I would love to offer this training and know that everyone on our team is attending at their local event! If you have someone who is thinking about joining our team, do not have them wait until Jan 21st! If they purchase the current consultant kit they will have more of a variety to show their customers and hostesses when they party. They would have the current kit, plus have four additional Spring/Summer kits for achieving a $600 PV in each of their first four months (StartSwell earning period).

Plan Your Own Spring Premiere!

Sarah's Stats:

December PV: $3,300.86

Parties: 4

Ladies, home office wants us to hold our own Spring Premieres with our hostesses, customers, and friends during the first week of February. It is crucial to have at least something from the new spring line in hand to kick off your premiere party, along with catalogs. Get on tot ( and order your spring business supplies if you have not yet done so. You will have a phenomenal premiere by doing the following:

1) Invite your guests now.

2) Plan on having at least 10 women at your premiere, but OVER-INVITE as if you think 25 will show up!

3) Have spring catalogs on hand for your event.

4) Display some of the product from the new catalog, whether it be the Add-On Kit, your RSS kit that you are earning, or any items you have purchased as a business supply (you can order anything at 25% off from the new catalog beginning on 1/21).

5) Have a blast! Women get together to have a good time and want to do business with people that they know and that make them happy. Enjoy this event!

Book, Book, Book, Party, Party, Party, and SHARE! Book, Sell, Recruit, that is the formula of success! Keep consistency in your business by doing at least one thing a day FOR your business. Here’s to a phenomenal year!

Your Director,