Frank Church Student Newsletter

April 23rd-27th

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Celebrating AVID!

Eight Frank Church AVID seniors were invited to celebrate their accomplishments on April 17th. Our AVID speaker was Josh Hemmert, who opened up his speech making the entire audience laugh. There were over 100 AVID seniors from the Boise School District as well as their families and invited staff and administration from our school. He spoke about how he had a rough start at Frank Church, but how being in classes where he was accepted and challenged helped him get to where he is today. He finished saying that what makes us successful is "Determination." Help us congratulate our AVID seniors!

Brittany Brent

Owen Gonzalez Martinez

Joshua Hammert

TJ Isley

Tina Jeffs

Gabriel Maciel Vargas

Jozelin Ruelas

Azelynn Winslow-Young

Need Help With A Resume?

Head to the Community Center on Tuesday, April 24th for help with resumes and job applications during lunch. Brianna Woolsey from Youthworks will be here to work with students.

Faculty Appreciation

This week we're celebrating Mr. Hadley!

We asked some students to share how Mr. Hadley makes their day brighter, here's what they said.

“Mr. Hadley always has a smile and he spreads so much happiness through the school. Thank you for being an awesome person and an awesome counselor. We appreciate you”

“Mr. Hadley is an amazing counselor and mentor. Always wants the best for you”

Joke of the Week

Why did the toilet paper not reach the other side of the road?

It got stuck in a crack.