Math about Abby

Math is fun unit.

What are tessellations?

Lets look at a bee hive. The Hexagons on the hive fit together perfectly. There are no gaps. It is just repeated hexagons fitting together perfectly. So really if your trying to get away from math and spot an old bee hive, your in the math prison again. [Sorry!]

Tessellations in math

I know what your saying. How can a bunch of triangles or squares relate to math? I know math can be very complicated thing. Well, tessellations are used in geometry

Some examples of tessalations

Fun tessalations

Have some fun!

If you like to knit your knitting tessellations! If you don't like to knit do you like soccer? Take a look at a soccer ball. It is an example and so is the net!

Still don't like tessellations?

Keep strolling down maybe you will find at least something!
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How long?

Well... lets say you want to count a tessellation. You go: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Blah Blah Blah Blah after you get to 100 you get kinda tired --- But no no no your not done some go to a Googol and don't stop there. If you do want to start do it now but you should have started as a baby.But, You can't really count as a baby sorry.

What am I looking At?

Look at these pictures below. Aren't they confusing? Here is a challenge: Try and look at 1 sqare in picture #3 notice anything?

Other cool math things


your probably saying Abby don't be dumb, you never ever use The word if in any sort of math problem. Well nope. Lets say this is our problem: Sally had 4 apples *if* Fred ate 2 of them how many would she have left? Its funny cause we did these in 1st grade! Try to solve this: If betty has 78,456 times 6 how much does she have?


A lightyear is the distance equal to the distance light travels in 1 year. Now tell me what is the distance of a lightyear.


The measure of how much *matter* is in an object. {matter is anything you can physically touch.} Heres your challenge: how much mass does mars have?


Set of all points. Usually forming a curve or surface. What are the two types of locus. Hint: in------ and ex------.


The mean is the average of any number and no I don't mean The describing word mean. What is the average of 8.

Try This!

Find a real life example of a tessellation that is not up there. And then share it.