By: Alex Kurowski

The Life of Donatello

Donatello was born in Florence, Italy in 1386. Donatello spent most of his time in his hometown of Florence. It was assumed that his training started in 1400 and he was trained to sculpt. Donatello's lifestyle was all about sculpting and creating great statues and monuments. Donatello was known as one of the greatest or it is argued that he is the greatest sculpter of all time and has created great pieces like David, Rilievo Schiacciato, Saint George, Feast of Herod. Donatello's patrons were know as Filippo Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Ghiberti. The two "isms" that were linked to Donatello were Humanism and skepticism because he created sculptures that represent the human body and he was funded for his sculptures and all of his work.

David By: Donatello

The name of piece that was created by Donatello was David. It was assumed it was created anywhere between 1430-1460. You can find it located in museums located mostly in Florence where he spent most of life. It was significant because it represented the Florence republic, which like the old testament youth stood up to its rivals. I find this piece very smooth and humanistic and the human body. It represents humanism because it is using a real human and not using an government or religious connections. It is interesting because it represents a well bronzed human body and it has a very interesting pose. You might find this picture on a page explaining great sculptures or information on Donatello.