Come to New England

The Best Colonies in the New World

Geography & Economy

New England is a great place to live, whether to start a new business, or just to escape the hustle and bustle of London. New England's vast geography provides many economic opportunities. Some examples include:

  • Mineral-rich areas in Southern New England that are perfect for mining
  • Huge forests in the Northern part that are ideal for timber businesses and catching animals and selling their fur.
  • Lots of sea life off the coast that provide for excellent seafood and whaling businesses


In Rhode Island and Connecticut, colonies appoint their own governors. In other colonies, the governors are appointed by the English King. Here in New England, we have legislatures- a group of people who make laws. The legislature has an upper and lower house. The lower house consists of people who are elected by the common people. The upper house consists of people chosen by the governor. Every now and then, everyone attends a town meeting, where you can speak your mind. White Christian men over 21, who own property, can vote on many important issues. Male church members elect representatives to an assembly called the General Court.