Earthquake and Volcano

Tohoku and Yellowstone

Tohoku Earthquake

The earthquake we chose to do was the Tohoku Earthquake which erupted in 2011. The convergent boundary caused the earthquake to erupt. The magnitude of it was 9.0. The epicenter of the Tohoku Earthquake was around 100km off of MIyagi, Japan. The depth of the focus was 18.6 mi. Because of the earthquake, the result of it was 15,000 deaths. The damage costed approximately $150 billion in US dollars. An interesting fact about the Tohoku Earthquake is that researches later drilled a hole in the subduction zone which revealed a slippery clay layer that may have caused the plates to slide and incredible distance.

Yellowstone Volcano

The volcano we chose to do was the Yellowstone Volcano. It is located in the northwest corner of Wyoming and is a supervolcano. If the Yellowstone Volcano were to erupt, it would take up 2/3rds of the US. The last major eruption it had was over 640,000 years ago. No people died when it erupted because people didn't exist yet so therefore no money was spent. An interesting fact about the Yellowstone Volcano is that underneath Yellowstone's famous hot springs lies a large pool of partially molten magma that is part of a sleeping underground supervolcano.