Social Groups

In the 1950s Social Groups were a big thing.

End of the War

In 1960, it was the end of the war and about 5 million African Americans moved into urban areas, in the United States. After the war, they thought it was a good apportunity to move into urban areas because they thought it was a new beginning for chances. As a result, Americans got upset with African Americans. On the other hand it was a change in history and a chance for other races to get along.

Before, Mexicans wre hired for crop production in 1942, another change that changed history.


In the 1950s-1960s, jazz had become very popular in the United States, most people wanted a change in music. As time went on, music had started to change into a lot of Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll. As a result, music (exspecially jazz) had brought different races together, which was a great significance because still people were seperated by skin color, race , looks, etc. By the 1960s, life has gotten far from the 1900s.