"House of Usher" For Sale!!!


Rustic! Historic! Creepy!

Ever dreamed of living in a Mansion? This is your once in a lifetime opportunity! Just imagine this spooky piece of history being yours!

Yours For the Small Price of $6,666,666

Former house of the Ushers

Your could-be mansion was previously owned by Roderick Usher. He lived there with his twin sister until they both fell ill. She passed away, or so he thought, until she sprang up from her tomb and that was the end of them both. You may have heard of it in a little story by the famous Edgar Alan Poe. Wow, what a history!

Your satisfaction guaranteed

amazingly spooky landscape features:

  • private marsh
  • deformed trees
  • great environment for insects and toads
  • wild mushrooms plaster outer walls

Rustic mansion includes:

  • 9 bedrooms
  • 11 bathrooms
  • elegantly creepy dining hall
  • wondrous living space
  • dungeon

Devil's agent real estate is not responsible for infestation of wildlife, disease caused by environment, crumbling walls, house sinking into swamp, and haunting by ghosts of past inhabitants.