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The kitchen is the utmost part of every home where all the family members linger around and spent there most of the time with family members. Therefore, it is the heart of every home where the homemaker spent most of her time in cooking varieties of meals for her family. Thus kitchen and food plays a very important part in our lives. In earlier times, not much attention was given to the looks of the kitchen but in modern times, technology and lifestyle has changed completely which has given a great chance to the modern kitchen. Looks with modern appliances has changed the kitchen into a place that reveals a touch of simplicity, modernity and elegancy to your kitchen. In last few years, the kitchen has become the place that is aesthetically pleasing as well as modern. Kitchen and home appliances thus makes a life of homemaker easy and no more burdensome. All the kitchen appliances of today are of modern technology that matches your kitchen as well as your personality. All the appliances from kitchen chimneys to dishwashers have gone through several changes as per the modern living.

New concepts and trendy designs are entering into the market every day that has completely revolutionized and changed the entire cooking process. With all these advancements the appliances which has completely turned into the miracle is the built-in kitchen appliances that plays a most important and integral part in every kitchen whether it is modern or contemporary.

The term built-in or integrated appliances are clear in it. Such appliances are affixed and installed in a manner that they have become an important and main part of every home and kitchen. In most cases, such appliances are built in or placed inside the cupboards or units. The appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven and oven / tog etc. are all such built in appliances. In such appliances the door of the appliance is fixed into a cupboard door in such a manner that the device remains hidden from view or not visible. Such innovative features and designs of built-in devices not only enhance functionality but makes life of an individual easy, comfortable and as per modern trends.

Benefits of built-in Appliances

1. Kitchen when installed with the custom door panels matches the entire cabinetry, thus giving a kitchen elegant, sophisticated, chic & stylish look.

2. Kitchen looks big enough due to space saving.

3. Provides elegant and organized look to the kitchen thus adding flexibility in handling and keeping of multiple devices in kitchen.

In short, such built in appliances adds and fulfills the functional as well as designer needs of kitchen by offering a wide variety to the customers so that they can choose from numerous brands an appliance that they requires as per their cooking space, style and requirements.

There is a number of brands to choose from as Kaff, Sunflame, Faber, Elica, Seavy, Cata, Glen, Ekko, Padmini, Inalsa, Kutchina, Prestige etc. All these renowned brands provide a wide range of kitchen appliances as per your needs and requirement.

Kitchen appliances are categorized in the following manner. All these appliances are different in functionality and designs. Some of such appliances are as follows:

1. Hoods

Kitchen chimney and built-in hoods is a highly efficient devices in removing of unwanted moisture, oily vapors, bad odor, fumes and grime from the kitchen. It comes with the easy operational functions and panel with minimum noise and silence features thus adding an elegancy to your kitchen.

2. Built in Hobs

Built-in hob uses the latest innovative technology with the trends to make an experience of cooking full of fun. They are designed in a manner to make kitchen look beautiful with other kitchen and home appliances, thus kitchen looks modern and trendy as there is no mess with cleaning as well as no insects, no pests and your family remains healthy.

3. Ovens:

Built in ovens is a device that has become the need of today and the requirement of every homemaker. The designs are such that it takes away your breath by its appealing and killer looks. They are chic and its operation is so easy with advanced technology that it matches perfectly with your kitchen style. Built In ovens, gives your loved ones an enjoyment of baking deserts or grilling vegetables that is sumptuous and mouth-watering ready in a couple of minutes.

4. Built in Microwave

Built in microwave is another category that makes cooking an easy task by its remarkable features and modern technology. It accomplishes the various types of cooking preferences and requirements, there is a wide varieties of models of built-in microwaves available in the market today. Today microwaves can be seen in every home. Design and technology advancements has brought a complete breakthrough in microwaves, it provides a combination of both the functionality as well as designing in a perfect manner.


Modern cooktops adds a touch of simplicity, elegancy and style to your kitchen by its finished looks. Their aesthetics looks so ravishing that every homemaker is pushed towards its magical spell. It gives a kitchen a makeover that is stylish, sturdy as well as sophisticated. In change with time cooktops though traditional yet have appealing designs and in no way less than built in hobs.

Today, built-in kitchen and home appliances have walked a lot in today’s world in a manner that they integrate and combine the kitchen functionality as well as design to make consumers keep pace with the changing time of today's hectic and busy lifestyle. With endless and wide range of brands available in market, needs and requirements of consumers is fulfilled and they are able to make choices among multiple options available in market as per the budget. So get the best home appliance at your home today!

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