The Weekly Howl

Quick Version

Late Edition

Sorry for the late edition. I'll keep this short and to the point. Here we go......

Long Observation Sign Ups

I'll be taking long observations on a first come first serve basis. Long observations include a pre-conference, the observation, and a post conference. For your long observations I will tag evidence, share it with you so you can tag evidence, then you will self score your evidence. Once that is complete we will set up your post conference meeting. Please email me a day and time for your observation (this will be first come first serve, I'll use the time I got the email if two people select the same day and time). Once I confirm your day and time I will send you a calendar request and a time to meet for a pre-conference. Please note I will be out for conferences on 11/20-11/21 and 11/28-11/29. I will do my best to accommodate your preferred time. Thanks!

Upcoming Morning Meetings

Tuesday, November 7 @ 7:45: Mr. Wesson JOT on 3d printers and how to start integrating them into your classroom. (We Have 3, ready to be used)

Wednesday, November 8 @ 7:45: Lisa Crick will be here to talk to us about service learning in classrooms as well as grant monies that can come with it. We will meet in the Art Room. Please bring your computers with you.