Phillipsburg Elementary School

February 19, 2016

Looking Ahead.....

Monday 22nd: IEP's @ 10:45 & 3:30

Tuesday 23rd: IEP @ 7:40 a.m.

Wednesday 24th: Commissioner Visit, Award Presentation @ 10:30, Panther of the Month Names Due

Thursday 25th: K-2 Collaboration @ 8:15, MTSS K @ 10:15, 1st @ 1:25

Friday 26th: NO SCHOOL

Monday 29th: IEP @ 7:40

Tuesday 1st: IEP @ 11:00, FFA Petting Zoo (TBA)

Wednesday 2nd: Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

Thursday 3rd: End of 3rd 9wks, K-State Ext. office w/ 2nd Grade (Wheat Field to Table) 8:30 & 9:00, Feeding the Minions in Gym During Rise to Shine, Send home TFK Booklets

Friday 4th: Author Visit, Feeding the Minions in Gym During Rise to Shine

Monday 7th: IEP @ 3:20

Tuesday 8th: 3rd & 4th MDPT in Homerooms

Wednesday 9th: Happy Birthday Holly!, 3rd & 4th MPT in Math Class

Thursday 10th: MTSS Meetings 2nd @ 8:15, 1st @ 8:50, K @ 9:20, BOE Meeting @ 12:00

Friday 11th: K-State Ext. office w/ 2nd Grade (Wheat Field to Table) 8:30 & 9:00

Saturday 12th: Happy Birthday Tami S.!


AR Book Challenge!!

Our goal was to read 2,000 books, we went above and beyond by reading 3,945 books! This number includes books our ECD and Kindergarten classrooms read! This was an exciting day for our students!! Thank you so much for making this reading day memorable for our students!!
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A Note from the Middle School

On behalf of the staff and students at Phillipsburg Middle School we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great time yesterday. It was so much fun to see all of your staff in costume. I just keep thinking about the wonderful gift that your students were given yesterday and OURS, too. We were so stinking proud of how well our students did. We had such a wonderful time. My favorite by far was watching the dads with their sweet children, and the mom's, too. How sweet it was to watch the siblings reading together. Great job, guys. Great job. Hope you have a bouncing good time today.

Middle School Staff and Students

Author Jennifer Dizmang Visit

Friday, March 4th, 8am

Phillipsburg Elementary School, Phillipsburg, KS, United States

Phillipsburg, KS