Advertisement/ Marketing Manager

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Job description

An advertising manager oversees the advertising portion of a business. This role changes depending on the business; they would manage the staff and activities of an outside ad agency that the business has hired or create the business' advertising in that company. Usually forming and directing the business' strategy for advertising, starting advertising campaigns and supervising many advertising-related departments. During a specific advertising campaign, a manager must present the campaign's budget and approve the advertising material, as well as evaluate the campaign's overall performance through the process.


$115,750 per year $55.65 per hour as of the nation average in 2012

Depending on the areas needed the salary per year can range form the low of $96,000 per year through the high of $175,000 a year.

Education Required

Bachelor’s degree


Jobs like this are needed more in bigger cities like New York City, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, Washington, Los Angeles, etc.
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