Cyber Bullying

By: Juan Carlos Nasta

Cyber Bullying

-Cyber bullying is when a child, preteen or teen, threatens or embarrasses another person or victim.

-The cause of people cyber bullying is often anger or revenge. Or maybe the person is doing it for entertainment, but doesn’t know what he or she is doing. Another reason is that maybe, they do it to get the reaction of the person or laugh, without even knowing what feelings he or she might hurt.

-To prevent cyber bullying you should, before sending the message, read it carefully and think of the consequences what that may bring.

- If you are a victim of this bullying case, you should tell a parent or a guardian or even a teacher of what is happening in the internet or social media, informing them that you are getting bullied in the internet.

The 4 types of Cyber Bullying

- The Vengeful Angel: In this type of cyber bullying you don’t look yourself as a bully, they look themselves like a defender of themselves or someone else. They want to save other victims, but they only make it worst. They generally work alone, if not like this most of the times they work with close friends that are trying to do the same thing. The solution to this problem is that they should not interfere or tell someone.

- Revenge of The Nerds: In this type of cyber bullying people that are bullies in real life, want to expand their authority to the rest of the people in the internet that aren’t with them in real life. Sometimes the bully wants to hurt the kid, or in other cases they just want an audience to watch them, even if it’s a small audience, because they can’t do anything without an audience. They usually intimidate to get there power. If they don’t have enough audience, they will increase their activity and get more audience. They are often a victim of bullying in real life.

- Mean Girls: This type of bullying occurs especially on the girls that are bored and looking for entertainment. This is the most immature way cyber bullying. In most times the girls bully other girls and not so much of the times they bully boys. This usually is in groups of girls in one room which want to entertain themselves. This also requires an audience and they can do it in any place at any time as long as they have an electronic device.

- The Inadvertent Cyber Bully: These types of cyber bullies usually don’t think that they are cyber bullies. They may be acting tough online or the other way around, they may be reacting to a mean comment. Unlike that Nerds, they don’t hurt someone intentionally they just hurt someone without thinking of the consequences of their actions. They may have lots of different feelings all around his head, and he or she might react in a bad way and hurts somebody by accident. They don’t actually before sending something to their victim. Sometimes they can abuse of someone without thinking about the consequences of these actions, and have serious problems later.