Be More Chill

Lauren Anderson

Brief Summary

Jeremy goes to his school's Halloween party and learns about a new, helpful pill named Squip from an acquaintance. The Squid is a pill with a computer chip inside that makes you 'cooler' over all. It can basically get you whatever you want if you listen to what the Squip tells you to do. Now Jeremy is in desperate need for the Squip.

List of Characters

  • Jeremy
  • Christine
  • Rich
  • The Squip

Character Analysis of The Squip

The Squip is a grey pill that somehow has a computer of some sort inside it. The computer takes a lot of information from your brain and knows how you act as a person. It can be a little demanding sometimes. Only because it wants the best for you. It's good at teaching how to be 'cool' to other people.
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Trying to change yourself to try to fit in better won't always end up as being a good thing

Important Brief Summary

Jeremy goes to a party where Rich tells him about the Squip and that Jeremy needs one. He then starts to desperately look for a Squip.


I recommend this book to anyone in high school. Even though the story revolves around a guy and has many guys in it, I think girls will like it too.