Formative Assessment Task

Unit 2 Who We Are

Who am I?

My full name: Grace Emilia Hilton

My Birthdate: June 7 2005

My Address: 28 Elliotts Road Fairy Meadow NSW 2519

To contact my family, phone: 0242 850609

Aboriginal Place Name

Para Meadow was the original name of Fairy Meadow. "Para" is an Aboriginal word meaning river or creek. It was named after Para Creek which is known Fairy Creek.

My family

My mum's first name is Jenny. My dad's first name is Tim. My younger brother's name is Zac. My pet dog's name is Charlie. I was born in Figtree Hospital (Wollongong). My mum was born in Wollongong. My dad was born in Dubbo (Australia). We live in Wollongong because my nono and nona migrated to Australia and lived in the hostel at Fairy Meadow. My mum was educated at Wollongong University and works at Illawarra Sports High School. My dad moved to Wollongong because he was awarded a Traineeship with the Steelworks at Port Kembla. He studied Metallurgy. We live in Wollongong because we love the beach. We love Wollongong because it is where "the mountains meet the sea". Look at the beautiful pictures of Wollongong below:

My Grandparents live in Fairy Meadow too! My mum is a High School teacher and dad is an Ironmaker. They work at Illawarra Sports High School and BHP. I attend TIGS (The Illawarra Grammar School).

Why I like living in Wollongong

I like living in Wollongong because our beaches are clean. I enjoy splashing in the ocean and pretending that I am a mermaid!. I enjoy shopping in the Mall. I visit the Nan Tien Temple with my family and drop coins in the water.

The first people who lived in Wollongong

The Wodi Wodi are the first people who lived in Wollongong. They spoke the Dharawal language.

Important Parts of Wollongong

Some important parts of Wollongong include the Escarpment, Mount Kembla, the rainforest and Lake Illawarra. Other important parts are the Lighthouse, Wollongong Entertainment Centre, Port Kembla Steelworks and the University of Wollongong. Wollongong Botanic Gardens, Symbio Wildlife Park and The IPAC Theatre are important. Wollongong is home to the St George Illawarra Dragons and The Wollongong Hawks.
I think Wollongong is the 3rd largest city in NSW (after Sydney and Newcastle). Wollongong is the 9th largest city in Australia.

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