Staying In-the-Know

with Mrs. Drayton

Dutch Fork Elementary The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


VIP Folders & Reminders

  • weekly work

  • Camp Gravatt Field Trip, tomorrow 11/16
  • Student Holiday, Wednesday-Friday 11/21-11/23
  • Holiday Store, Friday 11/30 @ 8:30
  • Centennial Celebration 12/7 @ 6 pm

Camp Gravatt Information

Our trip to Camp Gravatt is this Friday! Your child will engage in the following experiences:

  • Watershed hike
  • Aquatic insects
  • Conservation efforts
  • Ocean field game

Please send your child in layered clothing and closed toed shoes. We are expecting the weather to be a high of 56 degrees on Friday.

Your child is welcome to bring a portable electronic device for the bus ride to and from Camp Gravatt if you signed the electronic usage form at the beginning of the year from our 5th Grade Parent Packet. Listed below are the electronic usage expectations for our trip:

  • devices are not to be shared
  • headphones must be used
  • games/videos/music must be school appropriate
  • your child is responsible for keeping up with his or her device at all times

It may be helpful to send your child with a small bag to hold on to any items (water bottle, portable electronic, etc).

We are looking forward to a fantastic trip!

Book Clubs!!

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Book Club Discussion Checklist

  • I did the required reading
  • I marked key points with sticky notes or in my Reading Notebook
  • I prepared by thinking about what I would say in my group
  • I stayed on topic
  • I shared personal feelings & connections
  • I asked questions when I didn't understand
  • I listened actively & to learn
  • I encouraged others to participate
  • I showed that I value my group members & their perspectives

At home: Be certain to ask your child about how his or her book club is going. Review the checklist together and ask how would they like to grow as a book club participant. Ask your child how he or she is being challenged by the book that he or she has selected.

Nonfiction Genre Study

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Working to summarize an informational text

As we grow our abilities to summarize more complex texts, we are becoming more skillful at:

  • identifying main idea(s) of a text
  • determining the central idea of a text, inferring relationships between the main ideas
  • providing supporting details/evidence to support the main idea
  • using academic language and transitions to connect our thinking

Author's Showcase: Analyzing Themes Post-assessment

Noah S-G

The theme that is especially important is to be brave no matter how scared you are. In the end Sophia gained her confidence because she studied hard, played hard, and thought hard to where she was better than the big girl. She thought beating the big girl up would make her stop picking on her, but she was wrong. She choose the right path and transitioned into a new leaf. Why my ideas matter to the story/reader is because what I wrote is to just be brave of what you like or love. Another theme is to think of what you do because the bully wasn't thinking at all whenever she was picking on Sophia and Sophia ended up better than her. I feel like the bully should think before she does something because she was transitioning in a different way and people wouldn't want to be your friend if you do that. Why this idea matters to the story/reader is to think before you do something because no one will like you and you will get in trouble for doing it.

London H

One theme is to always see the good side of things even when its hard. I know this because in the story Yeshi fell off of his new horse and got hurt, but then military people came to take boys to fight in the war. Then Yeshi couldn't go because he was hurt so it was good for him. Another way is because his friends had to go fight and when they came back they were all ok. This is important because if you just always stay negative and never see the bright side of things you will never have hope and be successful because you will always doubt things. This show me to look on the bright side of things even when it is hard. Another theme is to try new things. I think this because in the beginning of the story Yeshi and his family lost their cow and then they did a trade and got another one so they tried something new.

Sebastian L

My themes were be who you are and be brave through tough times. I have my first theme because just because others aren't like you doesn't mean you should be treated differently. Like in the story Sofia kicked that girl in every other subject. And my second theme I though of because she was still brave and ate her tacos after being embarrassed in lunch in front of the whole school being called taco head and every one chanting it and laughed at you and getting bullied so much you're eating lunch in the women's bathroom. This matters because it shows how discrimination is a real problem. I think everyone should be treated fairly.

Gabby S

I think one of the themes are be a leader not a follower. Because Sofia at the beginning of the story, she anted to be like the rest of the kids but she just found out that doesn't have to eat like the other kids because the coach said "part of kicking that girl" is to eat your tacos proudly, and right in the middle of the cafeteria. This matters because now every Mexican come out of the corn and eat proudly. And that is being a leader to me.

I think one of themes are be yourself. I think this because Sofa was scared to show her true Mexican and eat the taco but she begged to get a white sandwich, but after she tried one she loved her taco and she wanted to eat it loud and proud. In the text said "I got offers to trade for sandwiches, but I always ate my taco before heading off to the library." She is start to embrace herself.

Denver J

I think that one theme to the story is to be yourself and no one else because Sofia wanted to eat regular sandwiches like everyone else but she doesn't know how bad it tasted. So she should just stick to tacos. Another important theme si never back down because how coach told Sofia to sit in the middle. It encouraged other people to stop hiding and be in the open too. This matters because if someone like coach never took up for Sofia all the Mexicans including Sofia would still be in hiding.

Inquiring into the History of DFES

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Veteran's Day Parade

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Veteran's Day Lesson with Miss Plemmons around the text America's White Table.

The Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive

From November 20- December 12, first grade will be collecting new pajamas for children in need, through Scholastic Book Clubs Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive. With warm pajamas and a comforting bedtime story, children feel safe and secure as they drift off to sleep, allowing them to have the good night that they need to realize their dreams the following day. For every pair of pajamas donated Scholastic will also donate a book to the child in need. If you and your child are able to participate, please help us transform bedtime for an at-risk child by bringing a new pair of pajamas.

Here are some simple guidelines for the pajamas:

  • Pajamas must be brand-new.
  • Pajamas in all sizes are needed—from newborn to adult.
  • Pajamas must be in complete sets or nightgowns.
  • Pajamas in children’s sizes must be manufactured as pajamas—this ensures that they are flame retardant and safe.

All donations can be brought to Miss Walker's room.

Thank you so much for your help! Let Miss Walker know if you have any questions