TIER I Interventions

Understanding Classroom Interventions


  1. Revisit RTI processes and procedures
  2. Definition of TIER I Instruction
  3. Intervention vs. Accommodation
  4. TIER I Ideas- Team Planning to discuss strategies and ways to implement TIER I interventions as a team

What Does TIER I Intervention Mean?

TIER I is Universal Instruction:

  • Evidence- Based Practices Implemented by classroom teachers
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Frequent Progress Monitoring/ Formative Assessments
*** To Summarize:

A TIER I intervention is anything you (the teacher) routinely provides for individual students that is IN ADDITION to regular classroom instruction.

Key Points to Remember!

  • 504 Accommodations are not TIER I interventions
  • TIER I Interventions continue with fidelity even when a student begins to receive TIER II or TIER III interventions

Now What? Where Do We Go From Here?

  • On a post-it note or scratch piece of paper, list students in your own classroom that you would classify as "bubble students"- they're struggling, but may not need TIER II interventions. Write down two SPECIFIC goals you would like to see each child accomplish: example- learn the sound of all letters of the alphabet
  • Share your list with your grade level team
  • As a team come up with two TIER I interventions that you could implement for each of these students
  • We will discuss your "Team Plan" and strategies at the next grade level SST meeting.