GMFs In Our World

Do you really know what you are eating?

What are GMFs?

GMF stands for genetically modified food. In this process food is bioengineered to perform different acts such as to resist or tolerate pesiticides, insects, viruses, to decrease spoilage, produce antibodies, decrease fatty acid synthesis, or increase production of certain amino acids.

Risks of GMFs?

Cross Contamination:

-pollen from genetically modified crops could transfer certain genes from one plant type to another

Increased Resistance To Pesticides

-insects could develop resistance to the pesticides produced by genetically modified plants, making it more difficult to control infestation and insect damage rather than less difficult over time

Allergenic Effects

-introducing genetic material from one plant to another may result in the introduction of allergenic material from one species into another

-certain proteins cause more allergic reactions than others, so people with severe allergies won't know what foods to avoid when cross contamination occurs

Benefits of GMFs?

Disease Resistance:

-many diseases such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria can attack certain crops

-genetically modifying food creates crops that are genetically resistant to these diseases

Pesticide Alternative:

-when farmers lost crops due to pests they would loss their income

-foods are now genetically altered to resist these pests, so they won't ruin the farmers' crops

Fights Malnutrition:

-malnutrition occurs when people are not getting sufficient nutrients from their foods

-Genetically Modified Foods contain additional nutrients; helping preventing malnutrition caused problems like blindness

What do I believe?

I believe that food that is genetically modified should be labeled as so. I also believe that GMFs bring both positive and negative effects to the human population. Either way, I would like to know if my food has been genetically altered. For my sake, I would like to know if the food I am eating could be cross contaminated with something that I am allergic to. I would also like to know if I would benefit from eating any extra nutrition that was added to my food. If my food is changed, then I should know it.


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