The Real King of the Jungle

The Bengal Tiger

Beauty and Grace

The Bengal Tiger is an animal with the ability to overpower almost any other, yet it takes each step with grace and has one of the most beautiful pelts in the animal kingdom. It uses its orange and black-striped fur to blend in with the grass and brush in the area it lives in.

Power and Percision

The Bengal Tiger, from head to the end of their body, can be five to seven feet when full grown. They weigh anywhere from 240 to 500 pounds. Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. They are known for power and strength. They hunt by propelling off of their back legs, and making a deadly pounce onto their prey.

Different Color Morphs

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


The Bengal Tiger, though a cat, actually really enjoys water, and is a proficient swimmer. When hunting prey, they stalk them and stay low until they get about 66 feet away. At this time, they run for the prey and pounce on it.

Tigers in the wild are disappearing

Since 1970, the population of tigers has gone from over 100,000 to as little as 1400 in the wild. Tigers are on the endangered species list and major measures need to be taken. Hunting of the tiger is strictly prohibited, but it still happens. They are being bred in captivity to help boost their numbers a little.

The tiger used to be found all across Asia and was even found in Europe, but its habitat is being destroyed and it's numbers are falling. The Bengal Tiger is a beautiful animal and we should do something to save it from becoming extinct.