The History Of KFC

By: Barjit M.

The Beginning

When Mr. Sanders was in lots of depression so he opened a restaurant in his gas station to make more money. He called it the Sanders Cafe. He served as a Chief Cook and was a cashier.

Pressure Cookers

When his restaurant was growing fast he needed some more hands so then he decided to hire pressure cookers. The gave new spices, herbs, and gases so it could be ¨finger lickin good¨.
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KFC Franchise

His new restaurant was doing so good that he had to make about 4 more. Later on he Started the KFC project that later was considered the KFC franchise. After that his franchise got even more success that he started making KFC over seas.
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The Bucket

One of their greatest sellers is the $3.50 bucket that includes 14 pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and any large soda. Over 300 buckets of KFC a hour all across the world. So far it has been their best food item that that they had ever created. Nowadays it is sold with 16 pieces of chicken.
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