Cool Cat News

Principal Brief

March 21-25


You are going to hear about HOPE and why having hope matters over the next year. Hope is a choice. Hope can be learned. Hope can be shared with others. Shane Lopez, who is a lead researcher on HOPE is working with Wylie ISD to share his knowledge so that we can have a better understanding of how to instill hope in our students. Hope is not optimism. You're optimistic if you believe the future will be better than the present, which turns out to be a nearly universal belief. You are hopeful, Shane says, if you believe the future will be better than the present and that you have the power- and multiple plans- to make it so. Shane says that we are suffering from a hope deficit in the U.S. and nowhere is this more evident than among our children. In a 2013 Gallup online surveying 600,000 students only 54% percent said they were hopeful about the future. Half of the students do not have excitement about the future, and don't have the sense that they can really be the agents of their own lives. April 6, is our Ripples of Hope Day. I would like each grade level to spend 15-20 minutes talking about hope and writing a reflection. Holly will be emailing you some ideas, or you can come up with some of your own. We are purchasing some books as well that have a theme of hope that you may use. Please put student reflections in the hall. We will have a special SAGE workshop in the gym.

March 24- Please meet in the cafeteria at 8:30am. We will review construction, traffic plans and answer questions about renovation. We will also have a brief meeting about STAAR writing. We will have donuts for you! Staff may leave at 2:45pm.

Writing Camp- Our Cool Cats and teachers have done a fantastic job with writing camp! I know our students are READY! Thanks so much to all of you for encouraging our Cool Cat Writers! We will have an author's breakfast on March 28 in the cafeteria. Students will be reading their writing to their parents. If you are able to stop by for a few minutes and see your "Writing Martha", I know the kids would love it.

School Culture Survey- We have just 7.8% of our parents that have taken the survey (that is 88 parents). Please encourage your parents to complete it. Our goal is 40%. We will make stickers to remind parents. Thanks for continuing to post on your class pages.

Upcoming Dates:

2/23- K-2 RTI

2/24- Professional Development- on campus- (student holiday)

2/25- Good Friday - Enjoy spending time with your family