Attention Staff!!!

Please note the following info!


Hi friends,

There will be no Music Class tomorrow. Chapel will be led by Barbie, we are having a special acoustic service. This chapel will be shorter than normal. You are welcome to use Fellowship Hall for an alternative Rainy Day solution. You may take the children in the sanctuary to run around and stretch their legs. Yes you read that correctly run in the sanctuary! Please use precaution. One of my favorites is to hide a stuffed toy, have the children cover their eyes and the finder gets to be the one who hides it next. There will be a Soccer Shot Trial for 3 classes worth of children this Friday. Please select children who have not joined in the past to take the trial. Soccer Shots is actually starting the new season Friday the 15th. They will be bringing over revised fliers this week. We will give you the Soccer Trial Schedule before Friday when we hear back from the coordinator. Here's for the doozie....

Our first payday with the new company is Friday the 15th. This would have been the same day as the other company. So it won't be a little check. But you do have to wait a little longer than expected. It will be every other week from that point.



Mark your Calendar STAFF MEETING MONDAY JANUARY 11TH @ 6:00pm Items on the Agenda; Licensing, Facility Plans, Grandparents Day, Active Shooter & Portfolios