The "Meri Fairy" water project

Want to help out a great cause and the environment? (Pathos)

The "Meri Fairy" is the safest way to clean water.

The "Meri Fairy" is a spherical, lightweight, water purification system engineered by an admirable NC State graduate with heart and love in mind.

His goal is to market these spheres as a lifeline to those who don't have basic resources.

The problem with most water is that it is unsanitary, impotable, and hidden away from us. This is where the revolutionary "Meri Fairy" comes to save the day. Through the kindness of renown humanitarian organizations, such as CHARITY:WATER, Waterislife, and Puremadi, he has been able to give lifesaving treatment to water in both local and developing communities in other countries.

Kindness is free, but manufacturing isn't.

Through your payment of $35.99 or a two payments of $17.50, the "Meri Fairy" can continue its life changing presence in the communities they serve. Not only would you be supplying clean water to your neighbors and others in third world countries, you'll be setting the stage for more water reforms and innovation while also helping to clean lakes and rivers. Donations are also accepted and appreciated. Our student believes that everyone should have access to nature's basic and necessary resources, do you? Buy your "Meri Fairy" today!