Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet

The story that has lived on for 47 years

William Shakespeare

He lived for 60 years.

He attended local grammar school.

He was born into wealth; he did not marry into wealth.

When he died he was noticed as one of the best english writers of his era.

Today he is the most popular writer of the century.

Romeo and Juliet was his tenth play.

Romeo and Juliet facts

Juliet is only 13 when she marries Romeo.

The story is a tragic drama.

" O Romeo, Romeo wherefore there art thou Romeo?" is one of the most famous quotes up to the current day.

Romeo killed relatives of Juliet.

Why is Romeo and Juliet still popular today?

It relates to everybody's life if you find the perfect someone.

It was a new twist on love to this day.

It shows how powerful love can be.

It was the beginning of the teen drama in movies.