What's Happening at Rockwood Prep?

November 2020

A Message from the Principals

Hey hey RPA!

Two months in and we are off to such a great start this year!

We would like to thank the families who were able to join Coffee with the Principals and our Native Language Community Circle Zoom meetings at the end of October. Your ideas and suggestions have been very insightful and we have begun incorporating many into our daily routines! Through collaboration with staff and families we can truly continue to improve as we serve our students each day. Our next meetings will take place December 7th & 8th.

We are so impressed with the effort and flexibility we are seeing from our students and families as we incorporate small groups, one-on-one meetings, live instruction, and tutoring into the daily schedules of many. All of these additions allow us to best prepare our students for success not only this year, but in years to come. We take great pride in being able to say students at RPA are continuing to thrive, even in Distance Learning!

October allowed us to observe students learning new sounds, new words, and new stories. Students have practiced and begun mastering their number families, fluency facts, and solving story problems. Students are showing off their writing, story telling, and typing skills each day. None of this would be possible if the strong relationship between school and home were not developing, and we want you to know how appreciative we are to have such wonderful partners in our RPA family!

This month we are coming to the end of our First Quarter on November 19th! Please support your student in working with their teacher to ensure all missing work is turned in, and the grades they are receiving match their effort and ability.

We have seen wonderful improvements in attendance over the past 4 weeks!

What counts for attendance?

  • Participating in daily Meet with your classroom teacher
  • Turning in your daily lessons
  • Emailing/Messaging your teacher

Like in school, attendance is not based solely on students participating and turning in work. Attendance is based on being present. If you know your student will miss a day, like always, please let your child's teacher know so he or she is not counted absent!

Keep up the wonderful work this month. We hope you all have an opportunity to find moments to be thankful for each day. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions and/or needs.

Stay Safe & Healthy,

Mrs. Barnard and Mrs. McCollum

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Attendance Drawing Winners for October!

Kindergarten - Stephen G

1st Grade - Sirina

2nd Grade - Kaisa

3rd Grade - Sofia

4th Grade - Ivan

5th Grade - Berit

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Important Dates in November

  • Wednesday, November 11th - Veteran's Day NO SCHOOL
  • Thursday, November 19th - Quarter One Ends
  • Friday, November 20th - Teacher Work Day NO SCHOOL
  • Monday, November 23rd - Grading Day NO SCHOOL
  • Tuesday, November 24th - Conferences NO SCHOOL
  • Wednesday, November 25th - Conferences NO SCHOOL
  • Thursday & Friday, November 26 & 26 - Thanksgiving Break NO SCHOOL
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October Students of the Month!

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Wow Kindergarteners, you have been in school for two months now! Kindergarten soared through the month of October. We have taken two Mastery Tests in Reading, Language and Math. In Reading we now know our a, m, r and s sounds. In Math we have been learning lots of new numbers and what a plus sign and equal sign do. We have also been flying through rocket math! In Language we are learning lots of new names for objects, animals, and people. We have been working so hard across all our subject areas. We are looking forward to our virtual field trip into space this month and our continued success as we move through our Kindergarten school year. We can’t wait to see how much you grow and learn in the upcoming months.


Ms. Schubert, Ms. Carroll and Ms. Ramirez

First Grade

Happy November! We are so proud of our 1st graders. In reading, we are continuing to practice our "ar" sound and recognizing our long vowels. We're reading lots of stories with tricky words. We are having lots of fun in math! Students have been working very hard on learning place-value and understanding number families. Both first grade classes are having great morning meeting turnouts! We appreciate all the hard work and dedication that our 1st graders and their families have put in to make this month great! We look forward to an awesome November.


Ms. Cortez & Ms. Ochoa

Second Grade

This month in the 2nd Grade we are practicing our number families to figure out the missing number in addition and subtraction problems. We are also learning about the value of coins and how to count money by counting on. In Language we have been looking at maps and how to tell which direction things are moving, like the wind. We have also been learning about words that use the 'ea' pattern to make the 'ee' sound and a lot of other letter combinations with vowels and silent e's. Ms. Bond's class is learning about words that tell about time and the pesky Goad that's always using tricks to escape the hunters! Ms. Tate's class has been reading about Clarabelle the cow and her barnyard friends! It has been great seeing all the hard work that the 2nd grade is putting into their lessons at home. We have been having a lot of fun on our online meetings, especially in our all 2nd Grade Morning Meeting on Fridays! It's been great getting to know our new 2nd grade classes, even in our distance learning setting, and we are looking forward to having even more fun as the year goes on!

-Ms. Bond & Ms. Tate

Third Grade

Ms. Pescitelli's class is reading about Herman the Fly. Using our story, we are starting to understand maps and insects! Remember to practice your stories at least 2 times every day to build fluency! Many of her students are taking advantage of Study Group (9:30-10:30) to do their work with her. These students are making so much progress! Everyone is welcome to join and get help with their work.

Mr D's class just finished The story of Oomoo, an Alaskan Eskimo that is learning a lot of life lessons. His class is becoming quick professionals on forming perfect sentences. The class average on Math test 2 was a 90%; that is amazing!!!

We want to continue encouraging students to read for pleasure once they've finished their daily reading in their lessons. If you your student is in need of a book, contact Mr. D!

Also, don't forget about homework club every day from 3pm-4pm if a student is in need of help, the teachers are sitting by the computer waiting to help their students!

Fourth Grade

With 2 months into the school year, 4th grade is gobbling their way towards success. In reading, they’re finishing up the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Such a fantastic story and an amazing classic. In math, they're still learning their number families, but now really applying this skill to story problems! 4th grade students are also learning fractions. Lots and lots of fractions! In writing, we will be transitioning to informational writing and will use narrative writing again later in the future. Students who turn in their work on time by the due date will be getting a prize! Please make sure you have notifications on for Class Dojo, as that is the best way for us to communicate with you all and the best way you will know what your child's grades are and what lessons they are missing. A weekly progress report will be given every Friday via Class Dojo, so please keep on the lookout for that. Keep up the great work 4th grade!!!!!!

Fifth Grade

Dear 5th Grade Families,

Fall is well and truly upon us now. The colors, the crisp air, the giving of thanks, etc.. Of course, for those of you who become grumpy at the first chill, for you all we wish wool sweaters, ceaseless proximity to functioning heaters, and hot drinks. As far as your students are concerned you can expect that we will continue pushing on through the math, reading, writing, and spelling curriculum. By now, you may have noticed that we have taken advantage of the current news cycle (Does anybody know of an impending, newsworthy, political event happening in early November? Anybody?) to take a sidebar into an exploration of the American political system and governmental structure during writing class. We find this topical and important and around the time that the election is over we will return to regular programming.

Additionally, we will be holding a virtual field trip later in the month. Without giving away all the details, we can say that the destination is well-known, historically significant, and is the pyramids and tombs of ancient Egypt. That should build the mystery up! We look forward to it and hope you do as well.

Finally, please know that beyond the daily morning classes your teachers host small group and one-on-one meetings throughout the week. These are sometimes scheduled and sometimes impromptu but always designed to help your kiddo get properly prepared for middle school. Ms. Lybarger and myself are impressed with the dedication and discipline of these 5th graders (and families) and would like to recognize everyone's hard work. Thank you all!

-5th Grade Teaching Team

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A Message from the Counselor

What's new in the Counseling department for November?! Last month, students learned all about coping skills to help with complex emotions like anxiety and stress. This month we will be learning about bullying and how to prevent it. There will be three weekly activities that align with this theme, and one bigger live lesson with each class during the last week of November. The schedule for the monthly class lessons is posted on ClassDojo and the school counseling website!

Upcoming Events:

- Coffee with the Counselor will be on December 7th at 5:00 PM.

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