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September 3, 2015- Welcome Back to Campus!

Welcome back, friends! Another school year is underway. My prayers are with you as you settle into your new routines--new classes, new jobs, and the litany of items on your ever growing to-do lists. So much to do, so much that matters, and the struggle of how to balance it all. The struggle to discern the question of what matters is very real.

This year in Protestant Worship we will be exploring this question, "Why does it matter?" Why does worship matter? Why does money matter? Why does justice matter? Why does death matter? Why does rest matter? Other topics include war, sex, religion, spirituality, and more. We make decisions every day. And as people of faith we are constantly engaged in the non-stop task of weighing those decisions at the intersection of faith and everyday life.

This week we will be talking about community. Why does community matter? What does Jesus say about it? In the words of Mother Teresa, "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." If we belong to each other, then what? What does that mean for how we treat each other? What does that mean for how we live our lives in a society that constantly tries to push us away from one another, that tries to ostracize us from one another in a million different ways.

And finally, where do you find community? If you are searching for one, come and talk to me. Come to worship on Sunday nights. It might take vulnerability. It might take courage. But there is life in being in community. Let's seek it out together. We really do belong to each other.


Join us for worship!

Weekly services are held Sunday nights at 8:30 pm in Linehan Chapel.

September Themes for Upcoming Worship:

September 6th*- Community- Why Does it Matter?

*- Communion Service

Divine Doughnuts

Tuesdays @ 9:15AM in GAC 151
Coffee. Sprinkles.Prayer

Joint weekly gathering of the Nazareth Catholic and Protestant Communities

Prayer. Reflection and Exploration

Brene Brown talks about vulnerability and human connection here

Taize worship - September 27

You are invited to join us the last Sunday night of every month at 8:30 pm in Linehan Chapel. Taize is a contemplative sung form of worship that includes repetitive song and silence. All are welcome for this relaxing, reflective, candlelit service of worship.

Naz Christian Fellowship (NCF)

Throughout the semester there are multiple opportunities to explore your faith. If you're looking for Bible Study, fellowship, music, food, and more, NCF is the place to be! Contact Ceara Curry ( if you'd like more information!

NCF also offers rides to three local churches. If you are interested in getting a ride to church contact Nadia at

Fall Ecumenical Retreat 2015!


Friday, Oct. 2nd, 4pm to Sunday, Oct. 4th, 3pm


231 Monastery Rd

Pine City, NY

More information

Meet new people ~ Get off campus ~ Enjoy home cooked food ~ Meet Real Live Monks! ~ Chase some sheep ~ Spend time outdoors ~ Discover more about yourself and God

Cost ONLY $15.00 (scholarships available if needed)

To RSVP, respond to this e-mail or on the list next to Jamie’s office, GAC 162.

Note: We will leave campus at 4:00pm on Friday and return by noon on Sunday.

You can bring homework with you! Space is limited and will fill up fast!!!

Local Church Connections

If you are interested in attending worship at a local church and don't know where to start, contact Nadia (

About Us

Nazareth Protestant Community is part of the Center for Spirituality and is an open and welcoming community made up of students reflecting a variety of religious traditions and backgrounds. We worship weekly, host an annual service trip, enjoy fellowship events together, and seek to serve both our Nazareth and larger community. Come and check us out!