Calvin Park Remote Learning Update

April 2021

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Dear Calvin Park Parents/Guardians:

We hope that you have enjoyed your April Break! Many of you will have now heard that the Provincial Government has directed all schools in Ontario to transition from in-school to remote learning starting Monday, April 19, to ensure everyone's safety and to limit the spread of Covid-19. This announcement does not impact students who have already been attending the LDSB Elementary Virtual School. Classes for these students will resume with their regular online schedule on Monday, April 19th. At this point, we are not sure how long the remote learning period will be for our in-school students.

We know that remote learning is very challenging for everyone and we will continue to do our best as a staff to support your children during this time. Our priority is your children's mental health and wellness so we encourage you to please reach out to your child's teacher or to our office if they are feeling overwhelmed or are struggling during this time. We also have food and clothing supports for families. Please don't hesitate to contact our office if we can be of assistance to you and your family.

Please continue to follow all Public Health guidelines and we look forward to being back at school together when it is safe to do so.

Thank you and take care,

Elizabeth Suriyuth, Principal

Wilma Pettingill, Vice-Principal

Monday, April 19th

On Monday, our staff will be meeting virtually in the morning. Staff will then be contacting families on Monday, April 19th, with more information (asynchronous activities, timetables, learning schedules, etc) so please check your email and ask your child to check their Limestone email as well (see directions below). At this point of the year, most students should be comfortable with logging into their virtual classrooms but please reach out to your child's classroom teacher if they are having difficulties connecting. Learning will be a combination of synchronous (students working online together with the teacher at the same time) and asynchronous (students working independently and not online together) learning activities. Synchronous learning activities will begin on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

If you don't hear from your child's teacher (email, Messenger, phone, etc) by the end of the day on Monday, please email the school ( We will be using the contact information that we have on file so if that needs to be updated, please let our office know.

**** Students can access their LDSB Outlook email by logging in with their school username ( and password at or through LDSB Minds Online (go to Office 365 logo and then click on O365 Outlook logo) ****

Borrowing a Chromebook

To prepare for the possibility of remote learning, on the Friday before the break, we sent home Chromebooks with students who needed them during the last remote learning period. Please contact your child's teacher, email the school ( ), or call 613-542-2796 if your child still needs a Chromebook for remote learning during this time. Once we hear from you, we will let you know when you can pick up your Chromebook from the front of the school. Please wear a mask and follow all Public health guidelines if you need to pick up a device.

Connecting your Chromebook to Home Wifi

Device Use Fair Notice Agreement

Special Education Supports

Special education supports such as educational assistants, student support counsellors, and student support teachers will continue to be available virtually. Students with IEPS will be supported virtually with the accommodations and modifications that are on their IEPs. Families whose student is supported through School to Community programming will be contacted individually regarding learning options during this time.

Attendance During Remote Learning

If your child is not going to be participating in online learning (either synchronously or asynchronously) over a 24 hour period, please continue to use the SafeArrival absence reporting tool.

Your household will receive an automated attendance call from our system if your child does not participate in remote learning (either synchronously or asynchronously) in a 24 hour period. This is to ensure their safety and wellbeing during this time. If you do not want to receive an automated attendance call, please report your child's absence using one of the three methods below. Thank you.

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Access to Reading Materials

All of our students participate in independent reading of books of their choice on a regular basis at school. During this time, students can access books for independent reading using these online resources.

Accessing SORA E-Books and Audio Books on an iPad or Personal Device

1. Downloard the SORA app.

2. Click on the SORA app on your iPad screen

3. Click on Find My School

4. Click “My School Isn’t Listed”

5. Type “Eastern Ontario Public Schools” or “Limestone”

6. In the drop down menu, click Limestone District

7. Enter your active directory username and password (LDSB credentials)

Accessing SORA E-Books and Audio Books on a Computer/Chromebook

1. Type in the address bar of your chrome browser

2. Click on Find My School

3. Click “My School Isn’t Listed”

4. Type “Eastern Ontario Public Schools” or “Limestone”

5. In the drop down menu, click Limestone District

6. Enter your active directory username and password (LDSB credentials)

Accessing E-Books and Audio Books through KFPL (Public Library)

KFPL provides many digital resources such as eBooks, eAudiobooks, streaming movies, eMagazines and online classes. If you live in Kingston or Frontenac County, you can register for a library card by emailing them directly ( Go to the "Contact Us" tab on their webpage Students in classes who have been visiting the Calvin Park Library this year already have library cards.

Additional Supports for Online Learning

Supports for Mental Health

Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more children and adults are reporting that their mental health has been challenging. We recognize that these times are not easy for anyone and Covid fatigue and isolation is a real issue. Please access the resources in the links below to support your child's mental health during this time. The Maltby Centre is a local organization that supports youth mental health and has counselling and other supports available. The other links are for organization websites which contain helpful information and resources to support children and families during this time. In addition, please reach out to your family doctor, your child's teacher or to our office if you are concerned about your child's mental health.
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