Paisley Browning

~Descriptive words to describe Me~

1. I am very Musical

2. Energetic

3. Chirpy

4. Leader

5. Independent

6. Strive to do my best

7. Listener


~Images That Move Me~

~Pictures That Make Me Who I Am~


~ Music That Defines me~

~Biggest Influence~

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Crystal Davis

Crystal Davis is my bestfriend Tiernans mom. Crystal is a very big influence to me. She taught me that you have to work to get things in life and that not everything is handed to you. Crysatl made me do work for her if i wanted anything. Sometimes the jobs were tough and other times they were easy. But in the end it was worth it.(

~Favorite Book~

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Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why was introduced to me by my 7th grade English teacher-Mrs.Closser-i had never been so into a book before.I wasnt the reading type and it was hard to get me to read.But after reading this book i found that i loved to read.

~Favorite Movie(s)/ T.v. shows~

~ Lyrics That suit me~

Shake It off-By: Taylor Swift

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~Quote that suits me~

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