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Rosendale Primary & Intermediate

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8th Grade Individual Planning Conferences

8th Grade Individual Planning Conferences are underway! Unlike traditional Parent Teacher Conferences that discuss current grades, this conference typically lasts about 30 minutes and will focus on the high school registration process and classes, your child’s talents and interests, and their educational and career development. The conference will include a review of your child’s overall academic performance, career assessment results, Individual Learning Plan, and 9th grade registration information. If you have an 8th grade student at RI and have not already done so, please contact Ms. Levine at 872-2126 or to schedule a conference.

CARE Classes

January CARE Classes Lessons Include:

  • 2nd Grade: Character Education & Diversity
  • 3rd Grade: Character Education & Diversity
  • 4th Grade: Character Education & Diversity
  • 5th Grade: Character Education & Diversity
  • 6th Grade: Healthy Relationships
  • 7th Grade: Healthy Relationships
  • 8th Grade: Careers Class

CARE Groups

I currently have 5 small groups in progress:

  • 2nd grade friendship group
  • 3rd grade friendship group
  • 4th grade academic success group
  • 5th grade academic success group
  • 5th grade friendship group

These groups will be ending shortly and I will begin new groups with other students. If you would like for your student to be involved in a small group, please let me know.

Contact Me

My door is always open to students and parents! Please do not hesitate to call, email, or stop by my office.