The Newsletter for SUHSD Teacher Induction

February 2017

SUHSD Teacher Induction links beginning teachers with experienced colleagues to ensure student success

As of this month, our program serves a growing number of participants:
  • 263 Induction Candidates in all content areas at nearly all SUHSD school sites
  • 67 Induction Mentors representing all content areas at nearly all sites

Our Goal: Quality First Instruction

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Semester One Round Table Showcases Evidence of Teacher Growth in CSTPs

Candidates presented artifacts from Q1 and Q2 evidencing their growth in specific California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs). Feedback from the event - from participants, Superintendent Janney, Board Members, Principals and others - was overwhelmingly affirmative of teacher professionalism.

Induction Candidates and Mentor Present at SDSU's 2017 Educators Rising Conference

On Friday, 2/3/17, candidates Matt Dunkle (CPH), Taffy Tom (CVM) and Ebony Virgle (CVM) and Mentor Courtney Kleffman presented to hundreds of aspiring teachers on "What Effective Teaching Looks Like." Awesome!

Induction Candidates and Mentors Present at SweetPD17

Mentors John Patel, Courtney Kleffman, Nikki Chigas, and Melanie Villanueva joined Candidates Rebeca De Leon Pardini, Stephanie Pio, Arden Glende, Matthew Dunkle and Moises Godoy to share Promising Practices related to Visible Learning.

How Do Induction Mentors Spend Their Time?

Induction Mentors interact with Candidates at least one hour every week to engage in a variety of activities. Mentors work in three capacities: three are released from the classroom full time (to support up to 20 Candidates each); ten are released from the classroom half time (to support 10 Candidates each) and 54 support between 1 and 3 candidates on an extra-duty basis.
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Candidates and Mentors Communicate about Individual Learning Plans

Survey responses from the first and second quarter indicate Candidates feel they communicate well with their Mentors. The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) process guides Mentor/Candidate interaction.
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Q3 Emphasis: Academic Language and Argument

Induction Mentors and Candidates Consider Argument Standards and ELD Proficiency

Text Complexity is an important consideration when selecting materials for students to read

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Induction Candidates Focus on Disciplinary Literacy for Third Quarter

Academic Language proficiency opens doors for students; teachers share a responsibility to help students master "cash language." See this Harvard Education Review article on Lisa Delpit's book Other People's Children.
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"Reading in the content areas" is not the same as Disciplinary Literacy.

Tim and Cynthia Shanahan have written extensively on this topic. Read some of their work here.

ELD Proficiency Levels Guide Candidate Assessment of Student Proficiency

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SUHSD Induction Canvas Course Evidences Effective Instruction on an Ongoing Basis

Induction Candidates choose among assignments for Inquiry #3

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Q3 Discussion Prompt Elicits Diverse Texts and Uses for Advancing Content and Literacy

Q3 Mentor Workshops Engage Teachers in Reciprocal Teaching, Scenarios and Problem-Solving

Two workshops (1/23/17 & 1/24/17) provided Induction Mentors experiences applying reciprocal teaching to a review of research on acquisition of Academic English by English Learners (AERA, 2014).

Q3 Candidate Seminar Provides Opportunity to Consider Disciplinary Literacy

Monday, February 13 (SUH Theater and breakout rooms)

Tuesday, February 14 (CVH Theater and breakout rooms)

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Candidates and Mentors will use "paired texts" to build lessons with content and literacy outcomes

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Induction Mentors and Candidates Participate in Collaborative Learning Walks

Mentors organize teams of teachers to visit subject-alike classrooms to consider literacy

John Patel is working with H/SS Curriculum Specialists Kelly Leon and Joel Rodriguez to organize lesson-study-like "literacy walks" at SOH and MVA. See his materials here. Aly Martinez is leading a similar project for math. Contact her for information via email.
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Do you have a Learning Walk planned at your site?

If you have planned a Learning Walk and would be open to including colleagues from another department/site, share your information with the Induction office by emailing Katrine Czajkowski or Doreen San Nicolas.

Consider attending the 2017 Breakthrough Teaching Conference!

Julia Anker (MOH Candidate), among others, will be presenting! Registration fee of $25 can be paid through site funds.

California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs)

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