Video Games and Violence

by: Chandler Noe and James Balk

My Personal View -Chandler Noe

When I first heard about this I thought what I still think now. There is no way this is true. Because if that is true then think about the stuff that you watch on TV in what ways has that changed you most likely it hasn't unless you are purposely watching it to learn something from it. Take TLC's show Extreme Couponing. The people on that show go to crazy lengths to save money but does that mean you will, no probably not. My view will stay the same until i find real results showing an actual connection.

My Personal View -James Balk

Even after all the studies I've seen, I still believe that video games are not the cause of violence. Barely any of the studies on Violence and Video Games, have gone into the child's life and personal connections, when most of the time, the fact that the kid likes to play violent games, only supports that he like to play games. Although a few studies might be correct in saying that video games are the source of violence in children, the studied child was mostly likely either mentally disturbed, or never told that video games are not reality. And even if the games were the factor in violence, it would be the parents fault for letting there kids play those games, not the games themselves, or their manufacturer's.