Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Gift, Food, and Outfit ideas.

Gift Ideas: Yay! Presents!!

1. Candy Cupcake- Fill up a small glass jar with candy hearts or pink and red gumballs. Next, wrap a pink or red ribbon around the lid of your jar. Lastly, write a cute or sophisticated label. And, your done!

2. Deck of Love- Get a deck of cards and write 52 Things Love about you. Also you must decorate!! Then a on each card, wrap sticker labels and write what you love about that person and decorate each card.

Food Ideas: Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

1. Chocolate and Almond covered Strawberries- First, you chop the pretzels and nuts. Then you chop 3 bars of semisweet chocolate. Next, you melt the chocolate on a double boiler until it is rich and smooth. Now, you dip the strawberries in the chocolate and then the pretzels and nuts. Lastly, you cool them in room temperature and enjoy.

2. Red Velvet Milkshake- First, you blend the 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream, red food coloring, and vanilla extract in a blender until it is smooth. Secondly, you pour it in a tall glass. Next, top it with whipped cream in a rose shape. Lastly, sprinkle red sprinkles and enjoy!

Outfit Ideas: Always be glamorous.

1. Formal- Wear a red dress along with a black jacket. Pair the outfit with boots. Or pair it with black or white heels. Curl your hair, and clip on a pink bow when your done the braid from the side of your hairs.

2. Casual- Wear pink or red shorts with hearts on them (hearts DIY on the bottom.) with black leggings if its cold. Then top it with a heart sweater and boots. Curl your hair and make a waterfall braid.

DIY for Heart Shorts: Pretty and easy!

1. Heart shorts- First you get a pair of red or pink shorts and put a heart stencil over the short. Secondly, you dip a sponge paintbrush in white fabric paint and paint it over the heart you are focusing from the heart stencils you have. Then you peel the stencil off, and let the fabric paint dry off. And voila! Your done!!