Peer Ministry Meeting Agenda

February 9, 2015

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Opening Prayer

Prayer Requests

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Daily Mass Schedule

Monday January 26th - Meeting

Tuesday January 27th - Stacy

Wednesday January 28th - Atzire

Thursday January 29th - OPEN

Friday January 30th - GROUP

Friday Morning Prayer

Stacy will be doing the prayer for Friday Morning Announcements this week. Ashley invites who will be doing it next week on February 20th.

8th Grade Retreat

Presented by Mr. Alvarado

Please review the Outline by downloading the iBook sent out by Mr. Alvarado

Posters - Don't forget PM's are signed up to create a poster to welcome the following schools:

St. Thomas

St. Catherine

St. Edward


St. James

St. Francis de Sales

St. Hyacinth

Hawarden Hills Academy

Leis - Mr. Alvarado will need help creating the different color combinations of Leis, if you have an AE period, please consider coming to Mr. Alvarado's office and helping him out Tuesday and Wednesay

Peer Ministry Banquet

Let's Brainstorm ideas of where it should take place and what we can do to fundraise for this event.

The Date is May 13th.

Big Brother/Sister Program Update

Committee Break Out

Committees break out and work on Action Items for them to accomplish. Chairs will briefly visit each committee to help them establish the actions items.

Action Item Update

Committees will share what their action items are for the week.

Other Business

Closing Prayer