The Heir

By: Kiera Cass

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Plot Summary

The plot summary is that Eadlyn has mixed feelings for the bachelors that are in the Selection. She is having a hard time choosing one. Also, she is very independent, she has a hard time letting someone in and getting close to her.


Eadlyn- She is a protagonist because she is the main character and she is a good character. She is a eighteen year old. She is very very stubborn and independent young woman.

The Northern Rebels- They are a group of people who are against the social classes.

Bachelors: There are 35 single bachelors that only one will be chosen to be the King and the husband of Eadlyn.


The conflict is that Eadlyn doesn't want any part of the Selection to choose her husband but in order to continue the line she has to have a husband, a King. She has a hard time of participating in the choice of selecting a husband. Also, she was a bit cruel at the beginning at eliminating the bachelors. This is the conflict.


The theme is that you can make your own choices and be independent but at times you can depend on your family or your friends. Also, that you can have someone to lean one when you're overwhelmed and stressed out. This is the message that the author is trying to give out.

My Recommendation

I would recommend this to those who like a little bit of drama and adventure. Also, it has a bit of romance. It gives a experience of life decision when it comes. It gives a sense of pride, reality, trust, and love. It gives the love and the care of family and friends.

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